Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Retail therapy

In between bouts of anal sex we did some shopping online. That is to say that He sat in the chair while one got to kneel conveniently to hand. Generally we use companies like eXtreme Restraints or, mainly because there has never been any hassles with them. Today we placed a small order with MEO to see how things go.

Now when you are buying new anal toys the difficult thing is deciding what size to get. Design specs only get you so far because different materials fit differently in a body. He took the unique approach of getting a range of more rigid toys in the form of glass and the Njoy Eleven to see what would fit. At least that was his excuse as He sat there shoving incredibly large objects in one's conveniently upturned arse.

In the end He settled for this because his thinking is that if he likes it, then he will buy the graduated set next time. To put those in perspective the XS is the size of the large Njoy. He likes the idea of being able to take the stopper out and just piss in ones arse. See the joy of being in charge is that you can turn jokes like can you go to the toilet for me into reality. Sighs a slaves work is never done...

Mind you it could be worse. What He was lusting after is one of these. He thinks it would be all kinds of fun to have one of those locked in place, tether it to the end of the bed and then do the flogging. The logic being that one won't be able to move too far without a nasty reminder to stay still. Honestly as if one would...

Small note: Blogger is still playing silly buggers and not allowing a raft of features... has been for the last 36 hours and counting.

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