Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So after a mediocre dinner and some rather good Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc we wended our way home... RPG night had been cancelled due to illness which is why we were having a spontaneous dinner out... and it was on that return leg one made a critical error. It was a simple thing that countless women have probably done after being plied with wine; one mentioned the desperate need to pee. Out of the corner of the eye one saw a radiating glimmer from Him that did not bode well for one small slave. We crested the hill which the house sits on and kept going... not a good sign.

Pulling up near the beach He led one down the stairs. Strip off He said... it was blowing a gale from the beach... pulling a camera out of his pocket. He amused himself taking happy snaps of the new underwear. We did spend the time in the city on some functional items... updating the bras and knickers being some of it. He has banned the practical bras one favours... things that give a smooth line under a t-shirt and strap you in to give good support while minimising the appearance of them. The trouble with big breasts is, apart from finding tops to fit, you feel like a walking set of tits... people actually talk to them rather than you. Now He thinks that is fine. He also thinks they should wriggle and jiggle a little more when you move, be a bit pointier and look like...well breasts. So the bras were ruthlessly culled in favour of more feminine garments... it is the reason why the credit card is in a foetal position keening and rocking.

When He had finished one hastily redressed... the wind was nippy and one still needed to pee... worse than before if that was possible. If you need to pee you can do it here He said indicating the platform. Reluctantly one pulled off the new knickers and peed on the spot, feeling for all the world like the family pet, while He watched. Very nice He murmured, and as one stepped to the side He came up the stairs and crowed one against the rail and unzipped himself, while forcing one down to suck his cock. When it was coated in saliva one was spun around and roughly pushed up against the rail, while He lifted the skirt to expose ones buttocks. There in the semi dark with the wind whistling around naked skin He proceed to sodomise one roughly, until He came with a groan.

Later, all clean and safe... cough... He repeated the act in the comfort of the bed while making one beg Him for more. An act that has left it sore and less than enthusiastic about further use... in fact even sitting on it makes it twinge. Unfortunately one knows He will probably use it again before going to sleep this afternoon. He will probably enjoy every single yelp of protest as He drives in harder and faster as well.


little monkey said...

Gorgeous Undies!!! and honey, You have lovely breasts. I can understand why he wants them in pretty packaging.

I too, have very large breasts, so I have experience with boob talkers, I tell them "They won't answer you". Confuses some, embarrasses others.

William said...

Very hot body, and lovely large breasts. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your beauties.
When are you going to share monkey?



Arianthe said...

Damn, MP, you're luscious.

It breaks my heart that Sir doesn't like the beach...

Ms D

little monkey said...

I know this is way inappropriate, but, I dreamed about you in those red scraps of lace last night. W wanted to know what I was dreaming about, so I told him. We made each other very happy, thinking of you.

You turned two people on last night, your work here is done.

Master's piece said...

LOL This is where one turns and says you're all a bunch of perverts... right? ;)