Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kinklab mandible body clamps

In our travels things often pop into a bag for later... sometimes it is much later, but nevertheless we get to them in the end. Every once in a while you curse not getting to them sooner. This is not one of those times. Oh no gentle reader, this is more a case of why did we bother.

We love nipple clamps, in fact clamps of any kind, and generally the things you want from a clamp include...
  • Ease of use (there is nothing worse than scrabbling around with movable flesh and wishing for an extra set of hands... though we will for the right ones)
  • Some level of bite... nipple or any other kind of torture is a bit pointless without it
  • They need to stay on
As you can see it is not a big selection criterion and generally two out three are acceptable, but these didn't even tick one box.

They are fiddly to use... generally the victim shouldn't be needed to assist in their own demise. When they were on they tried to get off as fast as they could slip... and they were done up tight. Not that you could feel them even on a nipple. At one stage there the nipples were humming why are we waiting... though it was hard to make out over their little sighs of impatience L

As for that tongue shot on the package... yeah very promising isn't it, rather like the word mandible. Those clamps can no more stay on moist flesh than most people can hold onto a greased pig. And one did try several times... the clamp that is, not the pig. Hell they can't even stay on a nipple... and they weren't trying to get away at the time... you can see them being held firmly in place.

So how would these clamps rate? A big fat zero... maybe a one if you had never tried clamps before and are manually dexterous or want something to look good for a photo. 

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