Monday, June 6, 2011

Not according to plan

Today a new toy arrived delivered by our local sadist. It is an interesting type of butt plug in that the core is removable, and with the addition of the adaptor it can be turned into an enema nozzle. 

The implement:
A permanent plug;

  •          High grade aluminium
  •          Approx 40mm x 77mm (1.5 x 3")
  •          Three easy clean pieces; plug, removable core and shower connector and available from The Stockroom.

So before one can say wink it is ripped from its plastic, cleaned and attached to the shower. To be honest in all the time we have been together it is the first time one has seen those long sensitive fingers of his perform anything... well... handy. They are usually busily engaged in other matters, but one digresses...

Um do you have any idea what you are doing? No, but how hard can it be... you just shove it in and turn on the tap. All of this is of course punctuated by elaborate pantomime and sound effects. And they say a drama degree is a waste L Err... you do realise that these little shows do not instil confidence of any kind right? In fact rather the opposite. He grinned and said that every minute one prevaricated would be an extra minute of water up one's arse... accompanied by a mimed looking at an imaginary watch.

Scampering to the bathroom we turned on the shower adjusting the temp and working out the flow. Then one was pressed, with warm breasts mashed against the rather cold tiles and legs spread, into the shower. Generous amounts of lube were smeared in one's arse and the nozzle was pushed firmly in place. He carefully turned on the tap and one small slave fell in love. It feels awesome... so warm and gentle with the water bubbling into one's arse at a slow and steady rate. Eventually one had to say stop... it is not an infinite space unfortunately.

Shortly afterwards all warm and clean, the plug was reinserted and the core was screwed in. How was that He asked. Well it is a really good enema... because it is done standing up it only cleans out the lower bowel, and unlike the syringe kind there is no need to contort in unnatural positions to do it. You are left clean and ready for action... without having to spend ages, unlike a full enema.

Now this is where the squeamish in our midst need to stop reading.
Go on shoo
What are you still doing here?

Later curled up on the couch... err the curl is important 'cos you can't actually sit down on the damn thing... just that tiny bit too long for comfort... He turned and said well let's try this out. Are you going to try and cum in it one asked naively. Err no, I am going to piss in it. Oh! Um you think you can create enough of a seal that it isn't going to leak every where? Yep, I recon I can. Men... such optimists when it comes to their equipment.

Think one might get a pet mat... just in case. Where do you want it, and your slave? Oh we might try the bathroom just in case. So off one trotted to put down both the mat and oneself. Removing the core, which leaves you held open by the plugs rather wide neck, He carefully lined himself up and contemplated the idea... of course the bladder played hard to get, but eventually it all came together.

Well it would have... except for one tiny problem. As He started to pee in one's arse, the body decided to interpret the sensation as ticklish. And one small slave started to giggle. It was then that we discovered those stomach muscles involved in laughter are kinda synced up with your arse. The more one giggled, the more one resembled one of those stupid cherub fountains... only reverse ended.

So there we are... a great toy, but the whole peeing in one's arse is going to take some more work. It's strange how this kind of stuff never makes it into BDSM literature. Fantasy vs. reality... and again we find out how different they are. Though for the record, those pee mats hold a lot of fluid J


xantu said...

Just out of a poor sense of self preservation, where would one purchase such an item?

Brittany Lynn said...

That looks like pretty good quality hardware. O_O Sort of interested to see where you guys bought it.

But yeah, fantasy novels, especially BDSM ones, never quite include the clumsy moments. ^.^

Master's piece said...

Put a link up for the self identifying poor self preservationists :D

Arianthe said...

My God, MP. I read this on the train this evening and almost wet myself laughing.

Pure Gold!

Ms D

Master's piece said...

LOL Well you have to laugh at these things...

The Velveteen Hoodrat said...


Master's piece said...

And so does everybody else :D