Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Make 'em Sqweel

In amongst all the nasty shit that arrived from America was this...
Now we had seen it in our travels and fondled it, and thought it might be interesting, so He threw it in the last shipment. Which is why one is now sitting here covered in water based lube and cum, with sore lungs, a really sore nipple and nibbling ice-cream as one types. How one got here is an entertaining story...

See it started innocently enough... scampering off to bed clutching the Sqweel. It was at that moment that He reminded one that some lube was recommended. That was a suggestion that ended with a five minute hunt for a non silicone based lube. Honestly one should do a review of lubes... there are that many of them lying around here, but one digresses... back to the Sqweel.

The implement:
  • A hand held device that has a wheel of soft little silicone tongues
  • Can be used with the tongues facing up or down 

The pros:
  • Fits in the hand quite nicely
  • Comes apart easily for cleaning
  • Other wheels available
  • Unlike a regular vibrator your whole hand doesn't end up vibrating 

The cons:
  • Not as quiet as they would have you believe... on full speed it sounds like an electric beater
  • A bit gentle for one's personal taste, but some may love it for that very reason 

So there one is liberally covered in lube... including parts of the anatomy that one thinks didn't actually need to be lubed... that water based stuff travels. Whispers... everywhere L Anyway there are all these little tongues flicking around merrily and feeling quite pleasant might one add. And then He came along and started to do really painful things to the nipple that was heavily abused the other night. Painful enough might one add that no Sweel was going to overcome the distraction... which was when it was tossed aside to fend for itself. Actually that was when it got its own back by spreading that damn lube all over the sheet like a slick... something that become relevant later.

Anyway in spite of Him one did manage to cum, while begging him to please stop hurting... a thing he completely ignored. Which is why after the orgasm and the feeling came back, one was huddled in a foetal position uttering expletives... something one has an almost inexhaustible list of... as He lay there looking smug. It was then that He pounced... and triggered that unfortunate little bit of programming. And that gentle reader is why the lungs are sore... no matter how fit you get, that scaring remains just waiting for an opportunity to make you bark like a dog.

He of course decided that it was a shame to waste a hard on and that was how one found oneself propped up on all fours being brutalised, in between coughing... something he swears feels great L It was also how one ended up covered in lube because that Sqweel left it everywhere...
So yes... the Sqweel. It performed quite well given the circumstances. It feels a lot better than some vibrators, and is a pleasantly different sensation. In fact one might even try it again... perhaps under better circumstances J


little monkey said...

We Americans are known for our nasty shit. Made in the US of A, Baybee!

Unknown said...

*points and laughs* That's what you get for trying the new toy when he's home.