Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Asking for it

How are you feeling He asked?
Those slave senses started to tingle...
Um... bloody sore. In fact the only thing that doesn't hurt is the arse. Seeing His eyes glimmer one hastened to add this part, clearly indicating gluteus maximus, medius and minimus with frantic hand signals.
I can fix that He replied.
See this is why we switched to verbal communication because hand signals are woefully inadequate for most. It is the only explanation for why He got it so wrong and spent the rest of the day trying to stuff large things in one's arse L 

Starting with the x-small and then the small (which is a lie) MEO in He moved to the medium (again a lie, there it is in the middle) and spent some considerable time trying to get it in there. The arse said no. Which was so frustrating... it was so close and it just wouldn't go any further. We did however try out a new lube called Man's Grease... OMG that stuff is so good for large toys.

So He switched tactics and started fisting the arse... and that was where things started to go a little wrong. . The Man's Grease just allowed the hand to slip in and out... it felt soooo good. It fact it felt a little too good because it was almost impossible to not orgasm. That was the thing He was trying to avoid because after one cums, the damn thing closes up tighter than any amphibian.

In a flash of inspiration He thought he would try out the glass toy on the right. It is a similar size to the medium MEO, but a different shape. Again it would only go so far... that last blue line to be precise. And then things went a little wrong. With an almighty shudder the body orgasmed and everything went no... including one small slave. 

So.... things we learnt;
  • Man's Grease is an awesome lube for big things
  • The arse can win a round
  • Man's Grease can make things very slippery for a while afterwards, though it does wash of toys and skin way better than silicone lube does
  • There is a sore spot between gluteus maximus, medius and minimus that has added yet another thing to the list of aches and pains L


Unknown said...


better you than me honey...

ekho_reborn said...

I have to admit anal fisting scares me to death. He's extremely interested in it but it utterly terrifies me - we've done vaginal fisting and it's uncomfortable (hah - understatement!). The idea of anal fisting just makes my stomach do funny flips, and yet any time anyone blogs about it I find myself reading it over, and over...this may be the fourth time I've read this blog post!

Master's piece said...

LOL Just found this... really the secret is take it slow and use good lube :D