Monday, July 11, 2011

All shiny and new

The day started innocently enough. Meet a friend of a friend for brunch... which turned into lunch, two cafes, three coffees, three sex shops and a pair of these amongst other things. They are magnetic nipple pinchers and come in three strengths; bitey, very bitey and extremely bitey. A quick trip into the changing room lead one to the very bitey option. 

After dropping our new friend off at his place, he refused the offer of joining us for sushi, we drove home via some dinner. It was that or get stuck in traffic so we chose the path of least resistance. Obviously confronted with choices like that, wending our way home slowly is a more attractive option. Well that was our excuse...

Home later He decided to try out some of his new toys... the arm binders (which are a lot quicker than the full leather ones on the profile pic) were popped on along with the nipple pinchers and He proceeded to try out the candles. Have to say that the candles are going to be returned to in summer. In winter here at the moment the sensation of hot wax being dropped on goose bumpy flesh was not that much of a turn on. In summer though one suspects they could be a lot of fun... though maybe not on the parts He wants to try them on L

Returning to the bed He decided to practise a little nipple torture. For the record nipples are very adaptive things. They will callous up with wear and tear; it is how nursing mothers cope with the constant use. It has been a long time since we did any of this kind of stuff. So when He took off the magnetic ones and replaced them with the new black clover clamps he experienced something new.

It was the sound of one really begging and pleading for release. Not just the polite noises one makes when told to, but the real sound. You know one suspects He enjoyed it... it was a while before he removed them. And then He went to use them again, in what can only be described as a threatening manner.

Putting the magnetic ones back on, one was ordered into the position. Flipping over the pinchers, which are heavy, came into their own. They bit and stayed on with a tenacity that was rather more scary than erotic. In fact they stayed on with the ferocity of a pit bull... and no amount of squirming got them off.

In the end it was easier to just stay very still while He administered a long and very slow arse fucking. There were moments there where He was barely moving and all one could do was stay very still and just sit on all the pain. He would speed up into quick short strokes and then move back into deep ones where he hardly moved. In the end one came with a long scream into the pillow while frantically trying to get the pinchers off before the endorphin levels dropped to a level where one could actually feel how bad it was.

Lying there afterwards one enquired where the fabled aftercare was... the stuff where He scampers off like a St Bernard and comes back bearing chocolate, drinkies and warm blankies. He pointed to the doona and said you have some chocolate fish in the cupboard... oh and get me a drink while you are up. Sighs one just doesn't think He gets this stuff at all sometimes... and all the while that little voice was going fuck that is going to hurt tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

OOOO that looks painful!

Joy said...

I love the look of those magnetic nipple clamps, if given a choice I'd probably go for the low end of bitey.