Tuesday, March 22, 2011

About last night

Well a picture paints a thousand words so...

One down

Three to go

One left

Working on it

All done

The implement:
  • Rascal Strapping Balls;
  • The balls are hand-blown solid glass held together by a medical grade silicone strap which can also be removed for thorough cleaning. Both of these materials are durable, non-porous and phthalate free as well.
  • Approximately 15.25 inches in total length, 11.5 inches are insertable, with each ball being 5.75 inches in circumference and 1.83 inches in diameter.

  • It was the best sensation ever
  • Even that nasty cane thing wasn’t too bad
  • The balls pop out of the strapping for easy cleaning
  • Would so do it again and again and again
  • It made you feel stuffed to the gills
  • It hurt
  • Being fucked while stuffed with the balls was amazing
  • It was the most intense erotic sensation to date... bring on the colon snake

  • The arse was in no mood to let go so getting them out was fun... in the end it was easier to squat and let gravity assist
  • The way to do this was the red toy first in addition to an arse fucking... not a fast process
  • We didn’t get to try the red toy... it is going to be used later... much later one suspects L


nbs said...

How wonderful~~
lucky you!

little monkey said...


xantu said...

Stands up and claps. I am very impressed.

P.S. Love the stripes.

MsSparkles said...

Woo hoo! Lovely photos too. I like how the stripes coordinate so perfectly with the balls - you can tell L&L has a photographer's eye.