Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Asylum gags

We have a love hate relationship with gags in this house; He loves them while one feels way less enthusiastic. Not without reason might one add... one of us has a small mouth... shut up! Most gags you can't get in there... with the exception of a few dental types. Subsequently He is always on the hunt for a new one... preferably something simple and quick... one that actually shuts one small slave up... 'cos one can chatter through most of them. Not a word about a rag and gaffer tape from the peanut gallery.

The other day He purchased a couple of Asylum gags... more because they were visual than any real hope one suspects. The first one, a hook claw mouth spreader, was put in first. He diligently did up the straps, one flexed the mouth... and it fell out. Rinse repeat. No amount of positioning helped.

The second one, a patient mouth restraint with metal bit, was a different story. For starters it actually fit in the space and due to its shape one was reduced to garbled noises. The only bright thing about this is that the hole is going to be too small to fit His penis into. Sighs not that it will be enough to save one small slave L

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