Monday, March 19, 2012

Pain applicators

That is how they are described and that is exactly what they do. Now the lovely items here were made by a friend... well rather her owner. She swears that all she does is help finish them off. Yeah sounds innocent enough doesn't it?

Then how come he reinforced the damn things to make them unbreakable?? Huh??? Bet there was a small and distinctly feminine hand in that L

Anyway one has mentioned the paddles once once or twice before, but we thought it was time to do a proper review...

  • Wood is a lovely medium being easy to clean and having a natural antibacterial nature
  • Easy to swing and use
  • Heavy enough, but no so heavy it becomes a chore to swing (a friend kindly allowed one small slave to road test this on them, so one speaks from experience here)
  • They are a no muss no fuss toy
  • They make a quite unique sensation

  • Paddling is not as intimate as spanking... but that is purely personal
  • Every one of those sensations mentioned above is pain related... the only difference is the kind.

The heart shaped one is just plain stingy and painful while the round one is surprisingly thuddy... and painful. If one had to choose then one is forced to say the thuddy one is far better. Of course being a smart arse one just had to say afterwards that His hand was preferable. That was how the arse ended up looking like a sky at sunset.

Honestly L

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