Friday, August 31, 2012

Creative ways to torture your slave

Today was spent in the city due to the car being in for a service. Now Brisbane is a strange city in that the centre of it is a large outdoor mall with seats, water features, little open air restaurants and kiosks. If you look above all the hustle and bustle, above all the glitzy shop fronts, you can see the remains of the original Brisbane City. As part of the deal to put in the glitz they had to retain the facades of the original buildings. Now facadism is not popular, but personally one thinks it is better than losing all of the old buildings altogether... let's be honest a compromise is when everyone is equally miserable.

Jane Debster Empire
As it turned out it was a bad time to shop... there were shoe sales everywhere and it was very hard to turn their pleading aside. Well cull them down to a manageable few as they had to be carried by one small slave. In fact as an enormous bag was handed over the counter in one department store, the sales assistant smiled at Him brightly and said I assume you are the carrier, forcing one to intervene. There was this dancing vision of the shoes being returned post haste.

Hoegl Hammit
It was as one wended the way towards a favourite shoe shop, more for a little self torture as the shoes are usually obscenely expensive, that one got a horrible shock. They were having a relocation sale... fortunately the move is just down the road as it turned out, but it was bad there for a minute. In fact one was forced to indulge in a little restorative shoe looking... just to get the breathing back to normal. As it turned out that was just as well because the wallet needed mouth to mouth after buying these.

He meanwhile had gone to other pastures... upstairs to the gaming shop. He arrived back just in time to approve the purchase above. Mind you He was probably feeling a little generous because he was carrying his newest way to torture one small slave... other than making one scuttle after him wearing high heels all day. You see tucked under his arm was this...
If you are geeky in persuasion you might find this interesting

From there we spent some pleasant time in amongst lingerie where one drooled over the cutest little bras and feverently wished for smaller breasts. Being practical in nature one turned to Him and said well they aren't going to get smaller. What one needs is a girlfriend with perky little breasts. His eyes lit up... in fact He even offered to share her. From what one could work out one small slave was going to be employed largely as a cleaner... of sorts.
So yes, one girlfriend needed. Must have small breasts and like lingerie. Bisexuality a plus J


Arianthe said...


Small breasts, huh? That lets me off then!

I sooooooo want to play that game. More incentive to plan a holiday in Queensland!

Arianthe x

Master's piece said...

That's OK Arianthe you can still come and play the game... even with big breasts ;)

Arianthe said...