Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gone fishin'

The day of our quick getaway dawned... quite literally... one rolled over to find it was 4.45am and there was no point in going back to sleep. Considering one had only got to sleep at midnight it was not a great start. He laid there in a deep sleep... the bastard! In fact it was hours before He awoke, just in time for breakfast coincidentally.

As soon as one had finished the packing we were off for a nights stay in the Sheraton Noosa. Now we had booked there not only because we both have a weakness for decent hotels, but because their breakfasts are awesome... a topic we will return to at a later date. We had also booked in to their restaurant for the seafood buffet. On arrival we were given an upgrade to a room facing the pool... not the street which one personally prefers 'cos it is fun to curl up on a balcony and watch the people scurry by. Facing pools is always noisy... all you need is a couple of monstrous children and there goes any peace you may have been seeking.

Have you stayed with us before? the receptionist enquired brightly.
Yes, when you first opened
Oh that must have been lovely
No, not really. It was the coldest day in living memory and your heating wasn't up and running. We had to go out and buy clothes to huddle under the bedclothes in. In fact some nice man stole the manager's personal heater so we could emerge out from under the blankets to shower.
Her bright, perky face fell... oh that doesn't sound fun
No, it kinda killed the romance
She brightened in a professional manner to assure one this trip would be better....
We'll get back to that... though facing the pool one didn't hold out much hope

Flopping on the bed, for a much needed nap before dinner, one let out a squeak of delight, oh the bed is just right
Glowering He said its soft isn't it
Oh so very soft and snugly... you're gonna hate it. And it's on wheels... it will move all over the place.
He bounced on the bed experimentally... well it does make your breasts jiggle in an interesting way he declared. And with that He pounced onto one small slave for a little sex... just to try out the bed of course.

Afterwards He lay there...
You're wide awake aren't you?
Yes I am, He replied
Well personally one is going to snuggle down and have a snooze... and with that one burrowed down into the doona and pillow... brought from home of course (really one wasn't joking about that).
He went out to explore Hastings Street, an area known for boutiques and small speciality stores.

Not any more it would seem. He came back an hour or so later to report that nearly every second store had a "for lease" sign on it or a closing down sale banner... including shops that have been there for years. It would seem that Noosa is no longer the Mecca it once was. And to be honest our strong dollar isn't helping at all on that front. It had an almost eerie quality to it as we sauntered around there after dinner for a much needed stroll.

It was much needed because well... not to put too fine a point on it... we made very good use of the seafood buffet. He certainly got his monies worth out of the oysters... in fact he waxed lyrical on their superbness for several rounds. Even one small slave was tempted enough to try one... secure in the knowledge that a martini will kill almost anything. It wasn't bad... considering it wasn't smothered in batter... which is the only safe way to eat one of those things. Well that or smoked... but one digresses. There was even a rather good cheese selection to finish off with and one tempted Him to try his first dried fig. It seemed more successful than the oyster experiment.

All of that is why one was tottering after Him in four inch heels as we went for a constitutional after dinner. Why is it men always invite you out for a moonlight stroll when your feet are strapped into the modern equivalency of stilts? And give you that look when you aren't thrilled at the prospect? We finally tottered back to the hotel in a haze of gluttony... which is why the usual hot hotel sex didn't happen that night...

Well there was that under shower spanking that He delivered when we were getting ready to go out to dinner. His hand rained down with hard, stinging blows... and one couldn't feel a thing due to the impact being absorbed by the water. In fact one stood there giggling as His hand got harder and faster. Right up until the moment when the water hit the skin and the body registered how much the poor little arse was abraded. Then it started to sting like no one's business... then one stopped giggling and started to make a different noise altogether. For some reason He started to look much happier about then... but one digresses from gluttony

Honestly the body can only do so much sensation at once... ours opted for being stuffed to the gills... literally rather than figuratively... for a change.
And so once again one small slave snuggled down into a blissfully soft bed and into the embrace of sleep J


Kitty the Submissive Wife said...

Love. :)

ancilla_ksst said...

ooo, shower spanking... never had that but it sounds fun.

Master's piece said...

It was really awesome... until the pain started LOL