Monday, June 9, 2014

Small opportunities

He decided to take advantage of the lack of workmen next door (it's a public holiday here) and grab one small slave in the shower. It's strange how one was so distracted by the fact that the build next door had turned our tiny domicile into a gold fish bowl that one had missed that they also offer a small layer of protection...
Well more the illusion of one 'cos frankly He wouldn't care about putting on a floor show

Then we scampered around like mad things, one of us screaming "we're late, we're late", the other one of us with an arse full of cum, to get ready to go to our vanillas. Ostensibly it was to eat food and play the odd game while celebrating one's birthday. They take full credit for dragging one to the dark side and celebrating birthdays... something one generally doesn't do.  
They are wrong!
It's just that one is very susceptible to food bribes...
Besides it's not actually ones birthday yet, so it doesn't count :D

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