Tuesday, August 26, 2014


For many years one has used a Seiko Cleancut for personal shaving. It's a chore that He can watch for hours. Anyway nothing lasts forever (though that shaver has come damn close) and it was finally retired with honours. The replacement blades didn't fit that model and the old ones were nicked. So for some time one has being doing it old school with a razor.

We looked for a replacement everywhere, but alas the old battery operated ones were gone. So finally biting the bullet He ordered this Cleancut ES1080 in the mail. And much though one is loath to admit it the new one (which is probably no longer made by Seiko) is better than its predecessor. Oh it probably won't last anywhere near as long being plastic and rechargeable, but it was much faster and of course cuts much better having sharper blades :)

There are some tricks to getting a good shave with one of these...

  • Always shave on dry skin
  • If it is humid a light dusting with corn starch can help
  • Make sure the hair is not too long before you start shaving. They are not designed to mow through weeks of hair, so trim first
  • Do not keep going over the same area unless you want razor rash
  • It takes a while for skin to feel smooth when switching over to an electric shaver from a razor. When you shave with a blade it lifts up the hairs and removes them below the surface of the skin, while also taking a layer of skin cells. That is why the results feel so smooth.
  • With an electric shaver it will take about a month before the skin cells grow back around the hair follicle and it feels as smooth to touch as a razor leaves it

He also ordered a trimmer set 'cos a girl does have hard to reach places... that he helps with. Though to be honest one didn't feel helped, more that he helps himself.
Sighs good help is so hard to find...


ancilla_ksst said...

I'm still not allowed to shave, only to trim a bit. He is enjoying "retro cunt" too much. Not to mention all the fun of pulling on hairs.

Master's piece said...