Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So what did we do today?

Well... we stumbled out of bed, scampered round like mad things tidying up, a friend dropped in, we made breakfast and went for coffee, ran home for a snack, shot off to the doctors and waited. A surprisingly short time might one add, as the doctor is usually running hideously late. We went in, sat down and He was presented with the Self Diagnosis Award for the year. It is official... He has diabetes.

On the bright side the radical change in diet is working and He has lost some weight... though if one hears I'm hungry one more time it will be to no avail. He will die in his sleep... quietly and without fuss. Actually if one finds Him sniffing round in the fridge with the same woe begotten air one more time the whole waiting for sleep thing will be by passed as well. A word to the wise... reduced carbohydrates makes for one very surly slave.

You see in an effort of solidarity one cleaned out the junk carbs from the diet... well you can hardly sit eating a packet of potato chips in front of someone who is low carbing.  Well you can, but not when they own your arse... it doesn't go very well... they look at you with those eyes... L Oddly enough it is not the low carbs themselves that are causing the issue. As a non sweet tooth it is no biggie at all, once the body has got over the shock of no toast with breakfast. And frankly with no gym at the moment due to the ankle and upcoming foot surgery it was a good time to do it... otherwise one is going to end up the size of a house by October.

 What is causing the issue is having to constantly think about meals. See generally we like to eat different things and as we only eat together maybe eight meals out of 21 it isn't a problem. The one of us who likes vegetables with a side of protein gets to eat as she pleases, and He gets to eat what he likes when one isn't around as he fends for himself... think crusty bread and manly things slapped on it here people.  

Now He has to up the protein intake, include some salads and generally forgo the slabs of crusty bread. Unfortunately He doesn't cook... so one of us in now chained to the kitchen constantly thinking about the next meal to coax his limited pallet... with Him underfoot like the family pet. And He is starving... it will settle down as the body realises it is going to have to work a little harder for its food rather than receiving instant gratification, but meanwhile there He is... head in the fridge, whining gently.

Mutters it is wrong to fondle the knives when His back is turned...

Mind you He did go out and buy a couple of cook books... well He is going to be in charge of all of this in a couple of week's time due to the foot... in an effort to learn. One of us suggested a nice easy to follow grilled meats cookbook... He went for full on French cookbook. And is wondering where you can get hold of a goose in these parts. This is going to be... interesting J

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Dina said...

Being hungry "all the time" is, unfortunately, part of being diabetic. :(