Monday, December 12, 2011

Petty aggravator

His idea of sensation play isn't quite like other peoples. One of His favourite past times is mean shit like this evening where He is repeatedly grabbing a breast and squeezing it. It is like nails on a chalk board and He only does it until one screams... usually in rage. Actually in this case one was yelling no. It is a completely futile word and honestly one doesn't think it means what He thinks it means. Otherwise He would stop surely?

In the end one turned around and asked is there a word that works like the word no, but actually you know, works?
Yes, He replied.
So what is it one asked without much hope... we have been down this road before.
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious He replied. And then He proceeded to try to make one use the word.
Yeah, so not going to fall for that one L

Then He added a new wrinkle. Rather than just amuse himself with the squeezing, He added hitting with a slapper. It is leather and shaped like a small red hand. It isn't painful so much as guaranteed to drive you insane... it's the BDSM equivalency of water torture L

Say your safeword He said with way too much glee.
There isn't one... 'cos we all know that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was just a ruse.
Oh that's right, and off He went... slap, slap, slappity, slappity, slap...
You know just for the record, He really isn't as funny as he thinks he is L


Unknown said...

Really? I think he's hilarious, unfortunately so does my M.... :(

Lissa said...

I read this and went... holy hell someone else gets fed up.

I still after six years cannot wrap my head around why the word no does not work. I was told growing up that if you did not want something to just say no. With him... that does not work!

*sigh* will they ever learn?

Master's piece said...

@Vixen Well if you hadn't been loudly chortling and alerted your M in the first place, you wouldn't be in this predicament now :P

@Lissa Ah well, knowing that you are never going to get the Good Slave Award means you can say these things out loud... publicly :D

impy said...

I think they all have they same fuckered sense of humor and they haven't worked out it's NAWT funny. It is however funny when it's not happening to me. Now that I have said that i doubt my ass is safe :/

Unknown said...

It's your fault... You shouldn't be so amusing!

At least he doesn't read here unless I give him cause.

MsSparkles said...

Point of order: it is actually very funny you are all just devoid of humour :P

Master's piece said...

See, they stick together :(

MsSparkles said...

You could all learn a thing or two from this revolutionary strategy - though honestly it's so much more fun watching you all throw each other under the bus ;)