Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dignity and respect down the hole

The weather is getting warmer with every passing day and for that reason there were naked breasts bobbing around the kitchen, minding their own business. As the day slides into evening though, it starts to get nippy and one was just contemplating finding a t-shirt when He pounced. He stood there fondling and generally being annoying as one squirmed to get away, while sandwiched between him and the kitchen bench...

I'm just trying to keep them warm He protested
There is a difference between warming and molesting and you Sir, have crossed the line.
One stood there, balanced precariously upon one's dignity...
And He laughed

Sighs there is no respect around here at all...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Self assessment

You know how some mornings you wake up and mentally run through your body assessing for aches and pains and what doesn't feel right? Oh come on one can't be the only person who does that... surely? It's part of the waking up process. It comes right before the first tentative stretch, which is followed by groping around for something to pull on before stumbling out of bed to find coffee.

Well this morning the health report came back to give notice that the only thing that didn't hurt was a couple of toes and the odd finger joint. Everything else hurt somewhere. There is even a little spot on the abs that hurts like a bitch when stretching. And that was before they were actively engaged to haul one's reluctant arse out of bed... then they just screamed their protestations.

And what is the point of this pity party you may be wondering? Well the thought had occurred as one was pottering around with a new quilt...
Quilts are done in stages around here and there are usually three on the go at any time;
One in the design process; fabrics being hunted for, design ideas being refined, blocks designed/ researched and plans being drawn.
One being made; blocks being made and last minute changes to things like borders and binding choices are being considered.
One on the hoop; where the actual quilting of the layer sandwich is done.
As one quilts by hand it can take up to six years to produce a quilt. It's aaaall about the journey :)

Anyway as one was peering at a new quilt (that is at the being made stage) the mind was musing on whether we are kinky at all...
Oh sure we have some sexual practices that some would regard as kinky, but Fet is full of kinky people. People who are way kinkier than we will ever be...
In fact we are positively dull in comparison to some of those people.
But do we actually rate as kinky? Is a power exchange (hate that term, but that is a topic for another time) kinky in its own right because if it is, then going to work could be regarded as kink. And while it is a pain in the arse, very few would regard working as kinky.

So all of this was floating in the mind, as one pushed completed blocks around the top of the table and then a moment of clarity floated to the forefront. On any given day one is in so much pain and so stiff that one couldn't partake in kinky acts at all. Maybe one gets the kink jollies gratified in the gym to the point that, when added to the power exchange (still hate that term), the kink cup literally runneth over.

OMG! One small slave is self medicating...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Message received

A text from Him this morning...
Love you my little death wish girl
Don't know whether to feel amused or threatened...


Thursday, September 18, 2014


He picked one small, tired and still migraine suffering slave up from the bus stop. The bus stop before the bus branches off to do a loop of all things scenic, so it shaves about 20 minutes off the journey home. It was at night and in the middle of when He was supposed to be asleep, which is why he was wearing a dressing gown. A dressing gown that conveniently allowed for a hand job on the way home as payment for the lift might one add.  It also allowed for one to be shoved face down into His lap to give him a blow job until he came, while still driving.

Did you enjoy that He asked conversationally
Oh yes, the potential of death during sex is always a turn on
I must remember that He replied, before returning to his cave for more sleep

Mutters we could have crashed and He doesn't even like blow jobs...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Nausea inducing...
Going back to bed

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


It's going to be a bad one, so back later.