Thursday, April 17, 2014

And in today's news

The list, in no particular order...
Ache all over
Nose is completely blocked
Throat is sore
And it is as hot as hell again...
Oh wait, that's just the fever back
Sighs this now officially sucks as far as sickness goes

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's finally here

Now some of you are probably wondering what all the excitement is about aren't you? Well rest assured when you find out, some of you are going to be checking for the other more obvious (and earlier) clues to the insanity that is about to become apparent.
But for some of us... read one small slave... this is a very exciting time of the year
Autumn is finally here... beams happily

Yes one does realise that it's been autumn for weeks now, it's just that no one bothered to tell the weather
And yes some of you are enduring the most miserable springs imaginable... like ancilla_ksst with all that snow
But in this part of the world the first inklings of cooler weather is a thing to be celebrated with all sorts of girly rituals...

The finding of a clean t-shirt for the morning... no more stumbling around buck naked clutching coffee
The first cup of tea in the evening that's actually enjoyable... rather than something that seemed like a good idea at the time
The doona has been fluffed in readiness... rather than lying inertly on the end of the bed
The fondling of clothes in the wardrobe that have sleeves in them and fabrics that actually touch your skin... without feeling the desire for another shower immediately
The knowledge that boots can soon be worn... without people looking at you sideways
The happy times spent looking at coats... not that you actually wear them more than once or twice a year here, but we like to pretend
The admiring of winter accessories (like gloves and coloured tights and stockings and scarves)... without breaking out in a sweat just thinking about them coming near you

And what has sparked all this excitement you may be wondering? Well it finally started dropping below 30C (86F) during the day on a regular basis and it's hitting about 15C (59F) at night.
Don't hate :D

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Clouds, linings, silver and all that

He is still sick and sleeping about 12-16 hours a day. During His up time he eats, makes provocative suggestions that he is in no fit state to follow through with and dies again. Today He even threw in an apology for not being a lot of fun and wasting our precious time together. Of course being the polite well brought up woman that one can be... preens quietly... one graciously waved it off and pointed out that sickness was a part of life...
Besides it hasn't been all bad. It's been very freeing being able to scamper to the bathroom without having to ask permission.
He lunged...
And missed
Wonders idly if that was a sign of improvement or the fever making Him a bit irrational...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Respect mah authoritah

Apparently, if one small slave is going to boss Him around when he is sick, one needs to be in the nurse's costume... otherwise it doesn't count.
Now this does leave one to wonder what magical properties that tiny scrap of white fabric has. Other than the power that is automatically imbued in all uniforms the minute someone dons them. Of course that uniform often renders the wearer both a figure of authority and a target. And then there are those shoes; they are just dangerous to wear.
Whispers the slave senses are tingling which does suggest this might be a trap...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

On a rainy Sunday afternoon

He came home from the only shift he had made it to and relapsed all over the bed until one woke him up after lunch. We did have plans to be somewhere, which were cancelled by the other people as it turned out. Unfortunately that fact was not discovered until after He had showered and dressed. Beyond caring He gave thanks to gods he doesn't believe in, stripped off and went back to bed.

Leaving one small slave to ponder why they favoured Him over oneself. There were plans that involved a couple of shops and coffee. As you readers know one does so worship the bean, particularly on a Sunday... OK any day of the week if one is completely honest.
Why have thou forsaken...
Oh right...
Lower on the food chain
Rolls eyes

He did rally in the evening, long enough to have sex. Sex that was against His better judgement... a fact that he did pause to mention before plunging in. As it turned out, that judgement was sound. It made His headache worse than it was already. There were oaths about blinding pain in fact.

This was not quite what one had planned at all...
It was hardly the positive reinforcement that one was aiming for and in hindsight one could have been more sympathetic to His plight, rather than smugly basking in orgasmic afterglow.
Sighs starting to see a small hole in yesterday's cunning plan... it would seem that the gods conspire to look after their own :(

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Struggling home after the one and only shift that was actually attended this week, it was a delightful surprise to find that He had not only been out and foraged so that there was something to eat in the fridge, but done some of those blasted knives and coffee cups. Enough at least that one could make Him lunch for work and have coffee in the morning...
Thank you for doing that washing up. For that one shall sing your praises on the blog.
Do you actually know how to do that, He enquired ever so dryly
Well yes, it's not as much fun, but yes
A look of doubt mingled with disbelief crossed His whiskers...

And now confronted with this blank page it is harder than first imagined to actually do. It's not that He doesn't do things that are praise worthy, but it's the odd things like dishes that usually make it to the blog. That happens because when they are done it is when one is at the least capable of doing them and their impact is so much greater than the act itself.

Honestly one doesn't think that men in general realise just how soul destroying housework actually is. It's not that there isn't some satisfaction in having a clean environment; it's the knowledge that the minute you turn around it's time to start all over again. Cook, eat, wash, repeat... in a never ending cycle that you are going to do for the rest of your life. It's up there with Sisyphus and his rock after 4o plus years of doing it.

The thing is though He does lots of little things that are special; the way he puts up with the hellion that is one small slave before coffee (though there was some mention of modifying that... something that involved withholding the coffee... the whole thing was too distressing to be considered, surely?). The way He can watch one go up the wall and across the ceiling, calmly waiting until one goes down the other side before proceeding with exactly whatever it was that annoyed one so much in the first place. The way He encourages one to ignore finer instincts, pushing until one goes against those very things in favour of whatever he has decided.
Oh and let us not forget the whole purple thing... 'cos that has just been downright entertaining for all. Though it does leave one at a loss as to what to do with all the purple shoes that have appeared in the wardrobe... they don't match the purple clothes at all. Have you any idea how many shades of purple there are???

So yes, there are many things that should be praised and commented on more often. The dishes though? Oh that is a rare and special treat. Deserving of more than a passing mention...
Now the question for the day is can the behaviour be encouraged with lashings and lashing of sex? It's an experiment that one is prepared to get behind, hell one is even prepared to volunteer the behind for it...
What could go wrong?