Saturday, October 25, 2014


As some of you know one spends very little time on Fet contributing anything particularly meaningful. Oh one wanders around there reading... hello nosey... and keeping half an eye on things, but there is little in the way of content produced for that site. It's for a lot of reasons, lack of time being one of them. In an average day one might get an hour online and half of that is spent writing for this blog to entertain Him and way too many of you at times.

The other reason is that one has issues with management over there. It's their website and they can run it anyway they choose. They do the work, sustain the escalating costs, deal with the banks... actually that one causes some of the issues one has, but we will get back to that... and deal with some of the trouble makers. And that causes some of the other issues that one has, but we will get back to that as well. As a site it has grown beyond all expectations in the five years one has been on it and it is the only show in town, in spite of many valiant attempts by others.

When they started out it was a very different place. They had this quaint idea that we would all just get along 'cos we were kinky. It was naive at best and stupid at worst as a belief. Like any community we have kinks that are not accepted, especially by the banks as it turned out. To get that all important funding Fet had to get rid of anything controversial; rape, incest, bestiality, cannibalism... the list goes on. Now most people were ecstatic about that. They didn't want to rub shoulders with those types anyway. They never thought about the fact that their kinks were illegal too and that vigilant eye might turn in their direction next... bless them.

To most they were just trouble makers and their protests over the treatment they received fell on deaf ears. They were deaf in part because they never heard them as the trouble disappeared overnight along with a few supporters, who while not fans of their proclivities, did have issues with how the whole thing was dealt with. Poof and their accounts were gone. It was very effective. Oh there were a few who got mopped up by mistake, but it was peaceful for management.

That of course brings us to the next issue one has. Management is this group of individuals who donate their time in an effort to keep things civilised. For their sanity and probably their safety they are anonymous. They are also not very even handed as the TOU is worded in ways that are open to interpretation. The damn thing is like a crocheted shawl it's that loose.  The upshot of this is that issues are not dealt with a cohesive manner and complaints? Well they just get silenced.

Your writings no longer trend on Kinky and Popular or Kinky and Plagiarised as some whits say (K&P for short). You piss off the wrong people and become labelled as a trouble maker and you will find yourself on a time out from the site and getting your voice heard. Being as the site is not American (in spite of many such erroneous beliefs) they do not subscribe to the idea of freedom of speech. You are silenced. And you will remain that way for a year or until management changes its mind.

Now what has sparked this grumbling you may wonder? Well the other day one loved a piece of writing. It was tongue in cheek and irreverent and it poked fun at some of the offerings on K&P. It didn't trend, for obvious reasons, but it didn't show up in one's list of things that have been loved either.  Someone had poked someone in management it would seem and got on their shit list.

So why does one spend very little time creating content for this site? Well it's a protest. A small and insignificant protest admittedly. See one has this belief that any group can be judged on how it treats its members, particularly those members that question its decisions. People going poof in the night or are gagged is not a good sign in one's books.
After all, you never know who might be next...

Friday, October 24, 2014

When reality strikes again

This week was screwed over by work hauling one in on a day off. The compensation was going to be a four day weekend. That dream died today as one was strongarmed into coming to work next Monday. Welcome to the modern workforce, where staffing levels are so low that two people off at the same time creates chaos as everyone is shuffled around to cover their well earned absences.  

Groans with fatigue and frustration...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

It is a scary world

And we are being watched and assessed like never before. This morning our supermarket sent a selection of specials that they thought we might like, all garnered through our loyalty cards. Now, the funny thing is that how we shop skews their stats. We do the grocery shopping together... OK mostly together, except for those weeks when life has interfered with our plans... OK it's been ages since we shopped together. But the shopping that He does is weekly shopping while one small slave brings home the snacks and fruit for our free day.

The end result of this division of shopping are offers of things that are just downright entertaining. For example the gluten intolerant person who is fussy meat eater, has been offered pizza and cuts of steak that will never, ever be consumed in this household.  He, on the other hand, has been offered tinned tuna (something one suspects he has never, ever eaten) and chia pods (think he might have tried one once).

It was not this entertainment that caught one's eyes though. No, what caught one's attention was the fact that this targeted marketing has dobbed Him in...
'Cos on that list of offers to Him are packets of chocolate mint slice biscuits...
Contraband so forbidden that we do not mention its name and yet it has found its way into our shopping at some stage.

Sighs some people will do almost anything to get out of grocery shopping unsupervised alone it would seem ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Status update

This week of early morning starts is killing; the sleep patterns, the routines and the inability to get to the gym (which in turn is causing sinus issues and continual headaches).

That is all :(

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Early one morning

The alarm went off and before one could say mmmntffgh! He pounced. Fingers probed places before one was awake enough to coordinate a defence and then His hard on got into the act...
A smallish, though curvaceous, arse has no defences against such an assault
Then, before there was time to raise a formal protest, one was spun and impaled. Arms wrapped around one's body and He thrust upwards, forcing lips apart and plunging into tight, reluctant flesh. Again and again one was skewered in this manner until He came...
And one was released to get up and make breakfast...
Discarded like a human fleshlight

Wails this was all before coffee!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Reality strikes again

We had plans for today. It was going to flow like well oiled machinery. And it was... right up until work changed one's roster due to someone being away on holidays and them realising that they couldn't cover the shifts any other way. So instead it whirred and clunked along as one small slave scampered around trying to do everything in one day before heading off to training in the evening. Where, as it turned out, our attendance bribe gift had made a no show.
Our gifts are in the wind mail...

Sighs rather like our plans