Thursday, November 20, 2014

Paranoia is a safeword down the hole

ancilla_ksst said that you should give one more orgasms
Did she, He replied dryly
Yes, but one can't help but feel that she was hoping for... well something bad to happen
Ah that sounds more like what I've come to expect from her. Such a good mentor He added in that soothing tone... the one that sounds suspiciously similar to "these aren't the droids you're looking for" in tonal quality
Yeah, no. She was not a safe choice at all

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Coitus interruptus

We were in bed having a put Him to sleep quickie when, just as one was about to cum, the hip (which is a misnomer; it's actually either the tensor facia latae or an internal oblique abdominal muscle causing no end of grief at the moment) produced the most god awful pain...
For the record there is some pain that this body can't process into something enjoyable; that muscle going into a spasm is one of them
It completely killed the orgasm.

As one was levered off Him... yeah, it was an assisted dismount... one small slave quipped that He owed an orgasm and it could just come off the transportation debt
No, He replied. I gave you an orgasm. It's not my fault you couldn't hold onto it

Lovely to look at,
Tempting to hold,
If you should break it,
Consider it sold

Sighs who knew that completely unenforceable rule applied down the hole :(

Monday, November 17, 2014

Chugging along

Where are we in all of this? Right where we were... sort of. If you looked at our life it wouldn't look any different. Meals are still being cooked, the shower is still an unsafe place for a small person (but in fairness it's so hot it's the only place to have sex), most of those service things that He is so fond of are still being performed and life carries on.
But it isn't the same...

One small slave bullies Him into the gym and checks that vitamins have been taken and checks in with how and where he is emotionally.
It's for His own good and it makes one excruciatingly uncomfortable. On one hand it has to be done, on the other hand it seems so wrong...
It's like it upsets the balance of power. It also pushes all those buttons and makes one feel like His mother. Not that she probably ever pushed Him to exercise, which is a shame. If those patterns had been laid down early it might be more of a reflex...
Maybe not.
Meh who knows

But here we are...
Out buying new runners for each other for Christmas presents
Mind you His are very festive, being black and red with a green trim
Ho, ho, ho :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The week in review

There were all sorts of strange happenings this week, some more entertaining than others.

It was "Love Our Lurkers" this week in the blogosphere, an event completely missed by one small slave. So may one just take this belated moment to say...
Love you lurkers...
The ones who come on silent feet and leave with only an electronic footprint to mark your passage...
The ones who do decloak once in a blue moon
And the ones who send little emails, which one is often tardy in responding too...
Don't worry friends in real life are treated no better one is ashamed to say...
If nothing else one is consistent :/

We are in the middle of some unseasonably warm weather with a predicted high of 41 (105.8 F) today. It makes everyone grumpy and sweaty and most importantly of all, flock to their nearest shopping centre. A place, might one add, that forgot to turn our air-con on yesterday as we coasted to a pleasant 38 (100 F). That was special :(

One small slave's arse was involved in some little sex scandal involving some Korean celebrity. Not quite sure of the details, Korean is not something one is terribly fluent in... read that as it's nonexistent...  but from what one can gather, this pic  was linked to the celebrity in question. Oddly enough 50 000 75 000 hits on that pic were enough to make one go see what it was up to...
One can only imagine what all those people made of this blog.
May one just take a moment to assure the readers here, that the arse in question is still firmly attached to one small slave and living in Queensland, Australia :D

Sighs why is it that the arse gets to more exotic locations than the rest of the body; last time it was living in Mexico

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just checking in

We are fine...
Just wanted to get that out first thing :)
He is well and truly on the road to recovery.  In fact if He was in a psych ward the doctors would be thrilled with the way he is socialising with others. Admittedly it is largely through social media and it has a slightly frenetic, scary edge to it, but it is not without reasons (which one can't go into here).
And of course one is acutely aware that the perception of frenetic is through the eyes of someone who is becoming more detached from the social realm day by day.  As He becomes more extroverted, one becomes increasingly introverted.
But Christmas is coming and that is enough to make anyone in retail detach from the world around them.
It is the natural response to hearing Merry Christmas, ho, ho, ho being boomed out at regular intervals during the day and being secure in the knowledge that centre management will soon have to weaken and turn on the Christmas carols...

Shudders quietly at the thought

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wake up

Today one awoke to find an email from the second step mother that another ex had died. Not on his beloved tropical island, but in a nursing home. Hobbit would have hated going out that way. It was not how he planned it at all. In his vision he was surrounded by nubile virgins...
That was probably the problem right there...
Finding a bunch of nubile virgins of legal age.