Friday, January 31, 2014

Status update

We are down to about five fingernails each, which just happens to correspond to the amount of shifts we have to work before holidays.
Isn't that convenient...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Perfecting service

The theory goes that one will feed the cat and grab a shirt for Him while one is at it. That's the theory. Of course the reality looks more like trying to hang out some laundry while the cat is helping. Now we respect the cat... that is to say its tendency to attack is well known and respected. Well fear kinda shuts down thought processes. So it looks more like dodge the cat while doing stuff and forget the shirt.

Then just as one is snuggled down about to drift off to sleep that voice will enquire "where's my shirt?"
Now that is a question that is designed to grate the nerves. Why? Oh it's not just the guilt for forgetting the shirt or annoyance at forgetting something so basic. It's that He knows where the damn thing is. 

So out of bed one scampers to get His blasted shirt. There might be some muttering about Him having legs and sleep... might be.
Sighs grace... it's a growth area

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More spikes in the holiday plans

Holidays are a bit like a dance card. You either fill them with blocks of time for a special someone or you fill them with single dances. Now in one's mind that card was filled with single, important things; sex, a little sun...
As an aside you would not believe how hard it is to get some sun around here. It's been weeks since one has actually seen a clear sky. Mopes quietly as the Vit. D levels drop back to the danger zone.
... maybe a small road trip to one of the coasts (perhaps an overnight stay somewhere (with sun)), a little loafing (preferably not playing board games) and going to the gym. You know; holiday stuff.

In reality that dance card is rapidly filling up with training, the car needing a service and you guessed it; More training. Dear gods what is up with these companies? Have they nothing better to do with the month of February?
FFS! This is not the holiday one had in mind. At all!
Mutters and it's probably not His either :(

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The last of the romantics

Scampering out of the car, having been dragged in for a short shift, one cast a "miss you" over the shoulder...
Miss you too, He replied. I hate doing the grocery shopping alone
Sighs ah romance... its dead

Monday, January 27, 2014

One perfect day

Today was a day of indolence. It was filled with loafing in front of the TV and sex. The kind of sex that leaves sore body parts...
Well for one of us. He assures one that his parts are fine...
In fact He was willing to demonstrate just how fine they were
Sighs it seems so very unfair somehow  

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The wrong dungeon dammit

His idea of taking a girl out for a good time differs somewhat from the average girls one suspects. That was how we found ourselves at a large local library dungeon crawling with a room full of other geeks on a Sunday afternoon. Well some of them were actually dungeon crawling, the rest were shifting around forming groups and playing board games.
Yes folks that was how one spent the day, six hours to be precise, playing board games.
And loath though one is to admit this...
It wasn't too bad.

It will be a monthly thing...
And it is conveniently located next to a large shopping centre...
The escape plans are being drawn up and He will get engrossed in something...
Bides time quietly :D