Tuesday, September 30, 2014


That damn soleus muscle has healed enough that one can run again. Oh not fast. The minute one pours on too much speed it twinges, but fast enough to call it a jog. OK it's not a fast jog, its taking 35 minutes to do about 3.6 k instead of 5, but enough that one is sore in all the right places afterwards.
And oh gods the high...
It's better than any drug...
It's this state of bliss that infuses the body...
And leaves you happy and relaxed and affectionate...
Right until someone (not Him slapping the crook of his elbow like he is trying to find a vein) goes and does something really freaking annoying...

Sighs  nothing lasts forever :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

It must be true

Things learnt on Fet this week...

If he has to micromanage you, then you are untrained
If he doesn't micromanage you, then he doesn't care enough for you
If he likes things that you don't, then he is a big, walking red flag
If he does like the same things then you need to set boundaries in case he wants to change
BDSM relationships are all about learning to let go
You need to be a responsible adult

Oh yes and the perennial favourite...
Overweight people are unhealthy and/or unfit
Their owners should care enough to starve them... for their own good of course... and completely ignore the body of evidence that says diets don't work long term and that extreme diets are junk science

Sighs some days you just need to safeword off that site, if it wasn't so damned entertaining :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Open season

Though it is still spring the weather is cranking up with an expected high in the 30's (89) this week. Today signalled the switch to warmth in a different way though...
Sodomy in the shower.
Yes folks the end of the safe season to shower has passed and the new danger seasons have commenced.

Sighs this is how ducks must feel; one minute you are swimming around with your own kind, minding your own business and the next...
Bang! Bang!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Taboo sex toys

We were both peering at an e-catalogue...

Oh so taboo means anal
Yes, when it doesn't mean incest He replied, before launching into a brief synopsis on the origins of the term, in reference to the porn industry and sex toys.
Hmm... That's an interesting shape. Wonder how big that actually is? It's so hard to work these out sometimes. It's only $29 so probably not that big.
A few clicks...
Ah yes five inches... just over four one amended. Would the arse even know it was there?
Well that depends on how hard I ram it in. And how much lube I use, He hastened to add.

Sighs even online shopping becomes both educational and terrifying around here.

Friday, September 26, 2014

A weighty responsibility

There is a debate raging all over one's Fet feed at the moment about weight. Man that topic seems to be a perennial favourite all over that site. This is a little different because it is about how failing to control your properties weight, is a failure on the owners part. Yes it's not just that you own a fat chick, but that you fail as an owner when you do so... 'cos you know potential health reasons. And why would you do that?

Well life is all about choices. This evening one came home with plans of going to the gym. He woke up. And you know what? One small, slovenly slave curled up on the couch with Him instead. Why? Well sometimes life presents you with either or choices. You make a choice... in this case the pleasure of spending some time with Him rather than doing ab work...
Yanno put like that it seems like a no brainer
And He didn't make one get off the couch to go to the gym...
So this is all His fault

This blame shit is great... beams happily

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The failure of self regulatory bodies

Slipping into the cave to see why He had not emerged one found him in bed playing possum. Of course parts of Him were up, as one found when running a hand across his body. In fact it aggressively thrust itself into one's hand...
Bad penis!
Yes, He agreed smugly. It needs to be punished and confined in a small, dark place.

Sighs one can't help but feel that suggestion was more funishment than punishment