Saturday, November 1, 2014


You know when you know something and it's like an awareness that ticks away at the back of the brain? And then you find out that the reality is far worse than you were led to believe?
That moment when you find out the truth...
And you are left feeling... oh gullible, a bit stupid, naive (pick one, oh hell pick them all) for not digging around and finding out the exact facts of the situation, rather than rolling along with your (what turns out to be) assumption?
And then you are just plain pissed off with the person and yourself?
And the worst of it is that you can understand why it was done, but it is more how it was done that really leaves the bitter taste in your mouth?
And then you just go back to feeling foolish, used, credulous?
And then you are just plain pissed at them?

Yeah, well that is where one is today


Unknown said...

:( ((((hugs))))
are you ok?

ancilla_ksst said...

I'm confused, what is up? Hope you are ok?

Dina said...

Yeah, this definitely needs a major clarification. I know exactly the chaotic combination of feelings you're speaking of, though. My condolences.