Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Visual clues

So off we trotted armed with nibbles and drinks to join our vanillas for New Year.
There was a nice dress, one that He chose hence it just needing a strand of pearls to finish off it 50's girlishness.

And the shoes that one had been waiting on...

They were chosen to offset all that girl vibe...
Though they might have said more about the state of mind regarding games night
Surprisingly comfortable shoes though...
And it wasn't a bad night

Happy New Years!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Seasonal blahs

The downside of the Christmas season, apart from the people, the drunks (mostly local), the sluggish postal system that turns everything into chaos... again people related thinking about it... you can tell one small slave is waiting on some very cool shoes... are the fires. At this time of the year they are bad... again probably people related as the fires often seem to coincide with school holidays. They are made worse by the heat, which is anything up to 40 (104) degrees at the moment and the wind. Wind that, may one add, just seems to drive the smoke into your home. You wake up with sore eyes and throats and as grumpy as all out doors. Well more so than one might be before coffee normally.

So if you will excuse one small grumpy blogger she is going to slope off to make consolation ice-cream. Perhaps a nice vanilla bean would go with a side order of whine?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Best foot forward

Our vanillas have invited us over for New Years Eve to play board games, He announced from the study.
Oh that will be fun... mentally thinking at least there is an excuse to drink... it's worth a try at any rate. The seconds ticked by as one happily contemplated the idea of games lubricated with alcohol before realising something disturbing.

Umm... they say you should start the New Year as you mean to go on. Board games aren't it. Well not for one of us.
Well I will be starting as I intend to go on He replied.
And you will be too He carried on, by obeying me.

Mutters didn't know you could be voluntold into New Year's resolutions... seriously do they count when you are coerced into them?

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Shake, shake, shake...

It is that time of the year as it nears its close when people start to do the most foolish things. They start to make New Year's resolutions. This is the year that I will be more (insert adjective of choice).  I will be kinder rarely seems to be on that list as a casual observation, but it's that old chestnut of I will be thinner that is driving one to drink at the moment.

Since being stuck in weight management one has noticed a few common threads amongst all customers trying to lose weight. The trilogy seems to be no breakfast, under eating and the belief that they have a healthy dinner at night, when in reality it consists almost exclusively of carbs and not it bit of protein in sight. None of them want to deal with actual food, so they are coming in droves to pick up tubs of assorted powders...

You know a certain company, that one will not name, but has inflicted emotional grief upon women all over the world since the 70's, might have been owned by a company famous for baked beans and might have made its failed weigh ins wear pig masks, but it did at least make people deal with real food.

... They buy those tubs for one simple reason; they don't want to eat more meals, which is what their bodies actually need.

To add insult to injury so many of them turn around and say you've lost a lot of weight lately, what have you done? To which one replies well eaten more, a lot more. In fact one is snarfing food morning noon and night. Their eyes glaze over and they reply oh I don't have time to eat meals, I'd much rather have a shake.

So off they trot with their assorted pills and powders leaving one secure in the knowledge that we are in for a boom year in the weight management market.

It leaves a bad taste in the mouth... rather like some of those products. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

The concern for the day

It is very easy to fall into an unhealthy relationship. They often start out innocently enough, but before you know it you have shacked up with the devil. One small slave is starting to suspect that is happening here. No, not with Him... as any netspert will tell you our relationship is going to devolve into limb chopping at any moment and one doesn't have a problem with that.

No, there is a far more dangerous presence in this house. It's that bloody ice-cream maker. The stuff that machine produces is pure sugary, fatty crack. Oh that ice-cream is soooo good it's almost obscene.

It's like the ice-cream of childhood. Except when one was a child you could consume that stuff without consequences. Now it represents a clear and present danger. A far larger danger than Him...
Whispers help... help...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ah Christmas

A time of reflection and joy overindulgence and naps. And one is sad to report that Boxing Day was rather similar. We did manage to cram in a little sex though so it wasn't a complete write off.
And there was ice-cream. Unbelievably good ice-cream.
Sighs it's just rather a pity that one has to go back to work tomorrow...