Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just checking in

We are fine...
Just wanted to get that out first thing :)
He is well and truly on the road to recovery.  In fact if He was in a psych ward the doctors would be thrilled with the way he is socialising with others. Admittedly it is largely through social media and it has a slightly frenetic, scary edge to it, but it is not without reasons (which one can't go into here).
And of course one is acutely aware that the perception of frenetic is through the eyes of someone who is becoming more detached from the social realm day by day.  As He becomes more extroverted, one becomes increasingly introverted.
But Christmas is coming and that is enough to make anyone in retail detach from the world around them.
It is the natural response to hearing Merry Christmas, ho, ho, ho being boomed out at regular intervals during the day and being secure in the knowledge that centre management will soon have to weaken and turn on the Christmas carols...

Shudders quietly at the thought


mc kitten said...

ack. I love Christmas - LOVE IT! but I won't engage in all that festive rubbish until December actually starts!

(((hugs))) glad you guys are ok and that he's on the mend xx

Master's piece said...

Then you have about 14 big sleeps left before you can infect those around you :D