Sunday, August 31, 2014

Yeah there might definitely be a problem

Perusing around the net one found the hottest white sandals. This was of course after declaring no white shoes, in spite of the fact they are going to be on trend for this summer.  The anti white shoe stance is very simple; with white shoes you need a white bag and well, yeah not really a white bag kinda girl. Then of course you come to the real problem. You need clothes to go with white shoes and as they say therein lays the rub.

See some people can wear white clothes. Personally one is a walking disaster area with drips and spills and smudges. It's the trouble with big boobs, they are natural food catchers and frankly one has a tendency to plop down on seats without checking them first. In spite of this knowledge, one did eye off some white jeans with a mild sense of longing. In fact one even managed to consume a burger for lunch without getting burger juice on the pale grey t-shirt one was wearing. A feat might one add that He did not achieve.

It was a small victory that one was still congratulating oneself on when we got home from a fun filled day of playing Pirates of Nassau. That self congratulatory sensation lasted right until one did the dishes and got dishwashing water slopped all over the front of that aforementioned t-shirt. Then the reality of the situation settled in...
No white shoes!

Sighs it just leads to setting oneself up for failure...

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Stretched out on the couch one was watching TV with half an eye while doing a little personal grooming. Most of it is a feel thing rather than a see thing so there was no real conflict. Anyway in this distracted state it took a moment to work out that He was busy taking happy snaps...
There aren't enough damn vag shots in existence?
Not on my phone He replied, blinking in that tone that heavily implies duh

Sighs and this is why we have kept every phone we have ever had; sensitive material  :(

Friday, August 29, 2014

Part two

In which we find His price...

Brought you home treaties
Oooh what He squealed in excitement
Blueberries. They've gone back up to seven dollars a punnet at the moment
Oh you did spoil me He replied
Right so we have found your price. Under five dollars they are not a treat. At seven dollars they are. 

Sighs why is it His price always leaves one feeling screwed, one way or the other?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Is it possible to be too sensitive?

To be online you need some essential equipment; a computer, the ability to type and to turn off that little voice /series of filters in your head that reads out loud. Unfortunately some just seem unable to do that last one. OK there are a few that can barely type and frankly as the world's worst speller and having only a  casual regard for grammar, one just isn't going to go there. He who is without sin may cast the first stone; that person does not reside behind this keyboard.

The critical skill though is that first one otherwise things are just going to go tits up damn fast. Perusing Fet this morning provided a perfect example. Someone comes on asking what to buy their new dom for his birthday. People reply that they don't know him, but they usually buy their partners something that they need, listing a few examples. The poster shoots back that they don't need bitchy replies. People respond that it wasn't bitchiness just a statement of fact. The poster deletes their post and storms off...

Day after day, in group after group, this process is repeated. Some just never write again, others form groups to bitch about the responses or join those groups to complain about being ganged up on and how the cliques are mean to them...
For the record just because a group of people agree with each other does not make them a clique.
... and generally carry on as though they were slighted in the most egregious manner.

Sighs how do these people get around in real life?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On the rise

There is a trend on Fet that one just looks at slightly askance.  It is the belief that all females are inferior to men. Now one tends to expect it from men, well certain ones, but in women it is disturbing. And oddly, or maybe not, it seems to be primarily the proclivity of Americans.

It's disturbing not because it's their belief, but that it raises so many questions when reading them...
How do you acquire such a belief to begin with, is it some sort of post feminist backlash or are these women being raised in a home where this is the norm?
Are these really men home alone?
Are (in a couple of cases) they cycling off their meds?
And lastly and probably the most important, how does someone like that safely navigate the world of BDSM?

If you believe that you are inferior and that all females should submit to all men, how on the gods green earth do you go about choosing someone wisely and well? It just seems so passive... which conversely these women seem to rarely be when confronted with people going um, speak for yourself. What do they do when confronted with this magical, alpha male that they seek? Go out with the first one that says on your knees bitch? How do they avoid those that are potentially abusive and/ or domineering rather than dominant?
Or do they stay behind the comfort of their keyboard preaching their beliefs to all who will listen?

Sighs so many questions pre coffee...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


For many years one has used a Seiko Cleancut for personal shaving. It's a chore that He can watch for hours. Anyway nothing lasts forever (though that shaver has come damn close) and it was finally retired with honours. The replacement blades didn't fit that model and the old ones were nicked. So for some time one has being doing it old school with a razor.

We looked for a replacement everywhere, but alas the old battery operated ones were gone. So finally biting the bullet He ordered this Cleancut ES1080 in the mail. And much though one is loath to admit it the new one (which is probably no longer made by Seiko) is better than its predecessor. Oh it probably won't last anywhere near as long being plastic and rechargeable, but it was much faster and of course cuts much better having sharper blades :)

There are some tricks to getting a good shave with one of these...

  • Always shave on dry skin
  • If it is humid a light dusting with corn starch can help
  • Make sure the hair is not too long before you start shaving. They are not designed to mow through weeks of hair, so trim first
  • Do not keep going over the same area unless you want razor rash
  • It takes a while for skin to feel smooth when switching over to an electric shaver from a razor. When you shave with a blade it lifts up the hairs and removes them below the surface of the skin, while also taking a layer of skin cells. That is why the results feel so smooth.
  • With an electric shaver it will take about a month before the skin cells grow back around the hair follicle and it feels as smooth to touch as a razor leaves it

He also ordered a trimmer set 'cos a girl does have hard to reach places... that he helps with. Though to be honest one didn't feel helped, more that he helps himself.
Sighs good help is so hard to find...