Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Coitus interruptus

We were in bed having a put Him to sleep quickie when, just as one was about to cum, the hip (which is a misnomer; it's actually either the tensor facia latae or an internal oblique abdominal muscle causing no end of grief at the moment) produced the most god awful pain...
For the record there is some pain that this body can't process into something enjoyable; that muscle going into a spasm is one of them
It completely killed the orgasm.

As one was levered off Him... yeah, it was an assisted dismount... one small slave quipped that He owed an orgasm and it could just come off the transportation debt
No, He replied. I gave you an orgasm. It's not my fault you couldn't hold onto it

Lovely to look at,
Tempting to hold,
If you should break it,
Consider it sold

Sighs who knew that completely unenforceable rule applied down the hole :(


Unknown said...

eeeeek! I had that happen once - muscle cramp in my legs. Thank god I discovered magnesium.

ancilla_ksst said...

My hip was doing that for a while, too. It was more all the time than just occasionally. Painful! I think you deserve extra orgasms for that, you can tell him I said so. LOL

Fondles said...

I'm taking notes. Sorry about that lost O tho.

Master's piece said...

Magnesium is a girls best friend ;)