Friday, February 28, 2014

It's all Colin's fault

After leaving work early yesterday due to the return of the migraine, one awoke to find it still there and took today off. It is bad. So bad in fact that if one could have got to the doctor's (and not have had to wait an hour to be seen) one would have volunteered to have a needle stuck in some vulnerable bit of flesh. Even though that would have meant losing a day or two... a state that would be welcome about now
It's been the worse cluster migraine in years.

Coincidentally the mouse game is still spread out on the table awaiting our return to it...
Maybe it's not a coincidence
Maybe brave Colin is not only unlucky nay cursed, but the cause of all this grief
Perhaps the mouse needs to be shoved in front of some cockroach sacrificed after all...


doingthebesthecan said...

I think you are misinterpreting Colin's pleading. All he wants is to get back into the sewer and vanquish Vanestra who I think you might find is your true tormentor.

On a more serious note I'm sorry that you suffer migraines so terribly. My wife is a sufferer too. She swears by Naramig to stop them before they develop. Not a cheap drug (4 X 2 tablets is $50) and I think her GP had to get approval to prescribe under PBS. Her life (and mine) has certainly been better since she has had access to it.

Master's piece said...

Oh please, it's that cursed mouse. Besides he is never going back to the sewers unsupervised. It took him three goes to get out of the damn thing and that was with three other mice lending a paw. Mutters knew we should have taken Filch instead

As to the other, this is with the Naramig :( Unfortunately you can't keep taking it during a cluster migraine, otherwise you get a rebound effect. Maxalt was way better, but due to that pesky gluten intolerance thing one can't take it any more :( :(