Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mounting a defence

As one stood at the washing machine adding steaming wet running clothes, He was there supposedly taking off his work clothes to add to the enormous pile of black washing. What He was actually doing was taking time out of his morning to torture his slave. A hand would reach out to caress or poke or tweak as one tried to get out of His reach while still completing the job at hand. Now you are probably wondering why this petty annoyance counts as torture aren't you.

Well it's very simple... one small slave was standing there also steaming and dripping from that run and He has hot hands. It leaves trails of fire on slick skin that sets the teeth on edge. And He knows this. So out would come that hand...
Please don't do that
FFS that feels disgusting
Oh for the love off gods stop that
You are getting the idea

Suddenly it stopped...
And then there was a stinging crack that landed on the arse. It was followed by a couple more...
I'm not touching He declared with childish glee as the belt from his work pants landed on more unprotected skin
See people this is what one has to deal with...
Continual provocation
Mutters if someone get limb lopped it won't be one small slave...

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