Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Regulating behaviour

Waking up feeling more than a little rugged, one scampered to the computer clutching coffee to find out if one was actually a reflection of Him. We all know that the opinion of some random dude on the internet is more important than His. After all He is heavily engaged in avoiding one small shrew... 'cos you know not really in charge.
Sighs think where we go wrong is that we are not an active part of some mythical community who have all these exacting training standards to judge us by.

Feeling very disappointed one painted the nails a screaming shade of coral, donned a similarly coloured lippy, hauled on a very conservative orange dress and some shoes and tottered out to a training night for a well known cosmetics house. 
Where, some of you will be relieved to know, one managed to pass the evening in scintillating small talk with real people. There wasn't a faux pas in sight; no lewd behaviour, no drunk and disorderly, no falling on one's arse...

No doubt He will be relieved 'cos one is sure that a great fear of his is that one will socially embarrass him in a room full of strangers.
Oh that's right... 
He doesn't give an obese rodents bottom

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ancilla_ksst said...

Now, you know you would have been howling on the carpet if he hadn't done such a masterful job training you all these years!!!

Some of the those FL'ers just slay me.