Sunday, September 7, 2014

Resurrections and other things

Today was Father's Day in Australia and all over the country fathers were getting an assortment of socks, fragrances, shirts and other gifts that are inclined to make a person feel meh, while having to act grateful. Most of this is topped off by a meal somewhere with the perpetrators. Personally we chose an assortment of sweets and settled in for an indifferent meal cooked by His mother. His father, a chronic sweet tooth who has little in the way of tastebuds, seemed happy with his lot. Though, as he is on some serious antidepressants, it is rather hard to tell either way.

We on the other hand, when released from familial obligations, did fascinating things like naps, caught up on chores,  pottered around... you know life stuff that rarely makes it into the annals of BDSM blogs. It was in the middle of the pottering around that one decided to pull out a quilt that had been put aside. It is only a short way from completion, but it has to be done in daylight as it is black thread that is being used. Unfortunately with failing eyesight, it is impossible to do at any other time and our life got too busy there for a while.

Now as life settles down a little there will be the odd moment to work on it. Pulling it out one was actually surprised at how fabulous it is. Sometimes distance is a wonderful thing. When you are doing it there is a tendency to get too hypercritical. The trouble with hand quilting is that one can work on a quilt for years. This one was started as the ex lay dying six years ago and it is an explosion of life and colour... probably a response to sitting in a dreary, muted hospital day after day.

Of course life being what it is one can find everything for the quilt, except the black thread. So we will have to go out tomorrow to get some more. Ah well at least we managed to squeeze in a little anal sex there at the end. So the day wasn't a complete write off :D


Master's Pet said...

I really do like to hear about the mundane everyday things...It makes me feel better about there being so much of it in my life. :)

I also think it is great that you quilt. I personally crochet. Everyone is always telling me how boring it is or that it is for little old ladies in nursing homes. I just like having something to do while watching TV. :)

Master's piece said...

LOL To be honest while one hot scene after the other would be all kinds of awesome it doesn't get dishes done. Such a shame really :(

And for the record things like crochet are making a come back amongst younger people. Just have a look at some of the patterns around. You need young eyes to read the damn things :D