Monday, September 29, 2014

It must be true

Things learnt on Fet this week...

If he has to micromanage you, then you are untrained
If he doesn't micromanage you, then he doesn't care enough for you
If he likes things that you don't, then he is a big, walking red flag
If he does like the same things then you need to set boundaries in case he wants to change
BDSM relationships are all about learning to let go
You need to be a responsible adult

Oh yes and the perennial favourite...
Overweight people are unhealthy and/or unfit
Their owners should care enough to starve them... for their own good of course... and completely ignore the body of evidence that says diets don't work long term and that extreme diets are junk science

Sighs some days you just need to safeword off that site, if it wasn't so damned entertaining :)


Unknown said...

it must say, I do find it an EXCELLENT outlet when I'm feeling crabby and need to be annoyed with something. Means I am far less irritable with/to the kids, which is good.

tori said...

Oh this just shows im doing it all wrong, perhaps i should sign up now so i can learn how to be a better slave lol

ancilla_ksst said...

It keeps me entertained.

You can really break it down to one simple guideline:

No matter what, you are doing it wrong.

Kitty the Submissive Wife said...

Oh my god, I'm doing it wrong...

Which of course means, who gives a shit?

Thanks for the roundup, it made me totally smile and I like when I have opportunity to smile. (Although that probably means that I am not submissive enough and I am, you know, doing it wrong.)