Monday, September 1, 2014

Soothed into a coma

Today was relatively relaxed in spite of the fact that one didn't stop all day. There was quilting in the morning, which of course masks the fact that to get out the door there were two loads of washing to be done, breakfast to cook, tidying up to do and the physical act of getting ready. Quilting though an odd past time, is very relaxing. Sitting in a room with a bunch of largely church going women (who even in their 80's still do such a vast amount of charity work that one wonders how their churches will ever survive when they pass), listening to them chat about their families and the week is very soothing. The hands and mouths are busy and the mind is free. Maybe it's a girl thing?

Anyway, after that He picked one up for lunch where the stain gods visited such wrath upon a t-shirt it was almost like divine retribution for yesterday. There is nothing like bright red chilli and sour cream splodged down the front of a chartreuse coloured t-shirt to act as a reminder to not get ideas above your station. Sighs and it was a favourite t-shirt too. Still it was very nice curled up watching the ocean across the road while sipping frozen margaritas.

We wended our way home to get out of the t-shirt and curl up for a game of Amerigo before one escaped to cut out a block for next week. Then it was dinner that we went out to grab, realising as we did so that the washing was still on the line, before bringing it back and settling in to watch a little TV. There would have been a little sex to round things off if we hadn't eaten so much dinner...
Ah well, there is always tomorrow...

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