Friday, September 5, 2014

Quick conversations

It's Friday and one knows this because many of the passengers hop on the bus home, loaded up with cartons of assorted alcoholic beverages tucked under arms or on shoulders. Yes people travel on buses with strange things; pets (though in this country you have to have permits for that), assorted food stuff (again thankfully in this country it needs to be dead to travel on public transport) and other types of shopping. In this area that is more likely to be alcohol than clothing on a Friday. Some offer the driver one as they go past. Round here it seems to be considered churlish to not include others in your addictions.   

So after a long trip peppered with such offers it was no surprise that the driver commented, as we neared one's stop, that he was looking forward to a couple of Bundy's (A particularly vile, locally made rum that is something of a state passion. It even has its own mascot; a white polar bear (again something that makes you wonder how drunk they were when they came up with that)) when he got home.
How about you, he asked conversationally.
Well personally one has a date with gym. That's g. y. m. not J. i. m. one hastened to clarify.
He laughed saying rather you than me.

Sighs does he not know the amount of sugar in that god-awful rum?

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