Saturday, September 6, 2014

How does this happen?

This morning, as one moved heaven and earth not to be doing the white rabbit...  screaming I'm late, I'm late... while exiting out the door, one took a nonexistent moment to order a bikini. A leopard print one. Well more if a tiger and a leopard had a love child, but that is not what this is about. Let us not get bogged down on typing the mythical animal that provided inspiration for... oh wait we weren't going to do this.

Back to the actual point of this...
Ordering a bikini...
By choice...
Still not sure how that came about.

The thought was oooh summer's coming; a new bikini would be nice. That was a perfectly rational, linear bit of logic. Until remembering how one felt about bikinis just over a year ago. Then there is a sense of confusion stemming from having no idea how one got to this point.

The sensation of lying in the sun, even briefly, is blissful and one is the first to admit that. There is a reason cats do it. And lizards. Though their motivation is somewhat different. But it feels good, the sensation of warmth on limbs. So there is some positive reinforcement.
But what one is interested in is the psychological and emotional changes in the space of that year.

Bikinis don't make one cringe anymore, nor do they get regarded as impossibly tiny... though Wicked Weasels are still that by anyone's standards. Has that happened because the mind has had time to adjust to the new norm? How does it ratify this? What makes it go oh bikinis, awesome and sexy and we need a new one for summer?

Sighs this is like the whole purple thing isn't it? :(


Anonymous said...

So, it was a purple tiger and leopard love child, then?

Master's piece said...

No, no it was not -.-