Monday, September 8, 2014

Some days

The day started promisingly. One small slave woke up, flung an arm over on His side of the bed and came into contact with him. See normally it is quite safe to do these manoeuvres, He's at work. This morning He was laying in wait for one to wake up, before pouncing on a still lubed arse from the night before. As one said, it was a promising beginning to the day...

It did not last. In fact from that point everything pretty much went downhill with rocket like propulsion. There was a brief disagreement about the afternoons agenda before one fled out the door to quilting. Then He forgot the damn shoes (the work shoes had blown out after eight shifts) that had led us to having to go out in the first place. Unfortunately we were at lunch clear across town when this fact was discovered, so back we had to drive. Of course we had to cancel our plans for the evening 'cos we were going to run out of time by then. Then one discovered that dinner was a wash due to...

Anyway you are getting the idea. What should have been a leisurely lunch followed by a shoe exchange, nipping in to get cotton, a couple of games and some dinner became a complete fuck up. And to add insult to injury one found the errant reel of cotton hiding in a corner. It wasn't missing after all. Honestly we should have stayed in bed. The arse might have been sore, but we would have been happy.

Sighs oh well at least we got to spend it together :)

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Amber Wolfe said...

Hate days that start so nice, but end up going in that way! I hope today is better! xx

Think I've said this before, but in case I haven't... I love the final note you always add at the end of each post. :)