Monday, December 5, 2011

Busted at the gym

Generally there are unwritten rules at a gym... unless you are friends you don't really talk to each other, except to ask how many more sets before they are finished with a piece of equipment or commiserate how it doesn't get any easier. Even that last one is usually reserved for people you have had a nodding acquaintance with for... well a suitable period of time. You are starting to get glimmerings why an introvert would like the gym so much aren't you?

Anyway it was something of a shock when, as one was setting up the Hammer Press, a voice sang out across the aisle and said, don't they have lockers in the women's changing room?  
Stopping what one was doing, which was removing some of the 20kg (44 lbs) weights from the machine, one replied yes, but that doesn't stop anyone with a bolt cutter. Besides if there is a fire one would rather evacuate the place with one's stuff. 
Oh, hadn't thought of that he replied.

Satisfied that we had finished this unnecessary conversation one hopped on the machine and started doing sets...

Um I've just noticed your collar.
Liar, one thought, if that was the case why did we just have the inane start up conversation?
You know it has significance in certain circles?
Thinking crap (it is hard to breath and count and chat (high rep component of the workout)) here we go, one smiled politely (OK anyone who actually knows one would have recognised it as a grimace of annoyance but...) and replied yes one is aware of that.
Most people don't he said conversationally.
Yes well that is the joy of being part of a small and discrete community. Of course he ignored that hint L
So you know about the house in (uttered mangled French) then?
Sorry one said breathing through reps.
It's in France. Seeing one look blank he added the Story of O helpfully. It's what the collar represents.
Yes one does know where it is, but it's been 25 years since one read the book, didn't make the connection.
Oh I'm much more recently acquainted with it he said.
Of course he is... otherwise he might have considered some oh, you know, discretion and not be shouting this across a busy thoroughfare in a gym.

Nodding politely one got up and moved back to the bikes for a quick sprint to get the heart rate back up.

Moving into the weight lifting area there he was, and he came over as one was setting up weights to carry on his conversation.
So do you go out in the scene much?
We have nothing to do with the scene at all. Apart from Fet. And that is to stay in touch with friends who live overseas.
Oh everybody is on Fet. But since Libertine has closed there really is nowhere to go. Of course I do attend private parties.
Really? We have never been to so much as a munch and are quite happy with that.
Oh private parties are much better... and then he proceeded to give one the run down on his last outings.
We work end weeks...
End weeks?
Wednesday to Sunday. And He works nights.
Oh, yes, that would make going out difficult.

The light of finding new meat died in his eyes... it was very gratifying.
And now all one has to do is avoid him every Monday because his Senior Circuit Class is on then.
Would anyone care to make a guess at what side of the slash he resides?

Later in the car one was recounting this to Him, he is laughing like a hyena, and pointed out this was all his fault.
How do you figure that?
It's this bloody lump around one's neck... it attracts them like a dick magnet.
Oh that is your fault... you consented remember?
Yeah, something else to think about before a collar is slapped you sign up... honestly one should start a list L


Unknown said...

The field guild for collars?

Master's piece said...

More like a what not to do list :(

Unknown said...

You are much nicer than I am honey. I would have said "nothing like outting someone, now be a good little slave and GET OFF ME"

Cause I'm like that ~nods~