Friday, December 16, 2011

From the mail bag

One of the readers had some questions about the permanent plug and it was easier to put the answers here and bore all of you at the same time J

They were curious about what size the plug was and what equipment would be needed to use one.
The plug we own is the small one that has an insertable length of about one and a half inches. When we first got it, we used to unscrew the shower head and use the connector in the picture (above) to join the plug and the shower hose together and you can see the pictures of that in action here. Later He had a diverter installed in the shower so one could use the plug without freezing... isn't He kind? What the diverter does is separate the water flow into two streams, the shower and the plug.

The reader was also curious about flow rates and if you could pop the core back in to keep the water there.
The idea is to insert the plug, turn the water on a slow stream and let it gently fill you up. You will know when you have had enough... mainly because you will feel full. Which is usually followed by a sense of cramping as the bowel tries to evacuate. As to the question of whether you could put the centre core back in, thereby trapping the water... You probably could if you were bending over, but you would probably need a hand and it is going to mean that the enema is going to go deeper. It will not be a quick clean out, which is what the plug is designed to facilitate.

As to how long you could hold the water and if it would escape... yeah that is one of the battles that the arse is probably going to win. As we all know, the arse rules everything J


gollum586 said...

What's the longest you've worn that?

Master's piece said...

A few hours. It is not uncomfortable to wear, it's just that the handle makes it hard to sit down. It is probably more an anatomy/ lifestyle issue. For long term wear you need to find one that is compatible with you. That is why we use the Njoys for long term wear.

But one does so love this plug for other things :D