Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Things to put in your stocking

It is no secret that we like fossicking around in hardware stores more than some. This is strange 'cos only one of us is what you would describe as handy. The thing is though that the other one of us has a good eye for practical applications of the things you can find in there. So the other week when we went to check out the new hardware chain a couple of these slipped into the shopping.

Today we tried them out and made a couple of interesting discoveries...

The implement:
These (for those that don't do tools) are a pair of curved jaw locking pliers. In this case they are miniature versions, about two dollars each and the size of the palm of your hand. He saw them and thought that they would make nifty nipple clamps. See the trouble with nipple clamps normally is that there is always a small issue with them. They are too bitey from the get go, not bitey enough, too fiddly, come off too easily, are a bastard to remove... you are getting the idea.

The pros:
  • They stay on
  • The level of bite can be adjusted
  • They are easy to adjust
  • Quick release

The cons:
  • There aren't any...

Honestly they are perfect. In fact one would go as far as saying they make the best nipple clamps ever and certainly the cheapest. Even when He was slowly fucking one small slave and pulling on these with a less than gentle hand they didn't come off. He was as pleased as punch with them. The nipples were too... though frankly they may not be so thrilled later on when the endorphins toddle off back home J

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Unknown said...

The best toys are often not found in the sex shop. We have a "portable" pole to hang subs off of. It's actually a drywall jack found at our local home improvement store.