Thursday, December 1, 2011

The stuff of dreams

The day started with a drilling sensation behind the eyes and a fan blowing cool air in all the wrong places. By 7.30 one conceded that the migraine was only going to get worse, like they do anything else, and called in sick. He came home to find one kneeling quietly and contemplating which migraine drug to take. Yeah not quite the normal slave devotional stuff one hears of, but there are choices...

The first one works fine, the migraine is usually gone within three hours, and reduces the nausea. The second newer one works much faster, when it works, but makes the nausea unrelenting. In fact the only reason the doctor prescribed it is because he doesn't have to wait on the phone for an authority number as it has been streamlined. Decisions, decisions... wibble, wobble, flip, flop. In fact the only thing one could decide on was that breakfast was really needed and the thought of cooking was more repellent than one could bear. Particularly as the heat was already cranking up, along with the humidity L

God that He is, he turned on the bedrooms air-con and whisked one out the door for Hungry Jacks... know to the rest of the world as Burger King. Not here it isn't... damned if they didn't lose that fight J While their food is generally mediocre, it does dish up grease and carbohydrates with a rich selection of protein... in this case a bacon, steak and egg wrap... and more importantly you can't smell it being cooked while you wait in the drive through.

Going home happily snuffling through brown paper bags one decided to give the new drug another go. It worked in about an hour. That is to say it deafened everything to a stage where one could contemplate a shower, with assistance. Though to be honest, one isn't entirely convinced that coming in one small slaves arse isn't taking advantage of her rather than assisting. But, drive through treats have to be paid for, one way or the other.

Shuffling off to the bedroom, which was deliciously icy, suitably fed, medicated and sodomised one curled up to watch mindless TV until it was time to give Him a put me to sleep orgasm. Duties performed one was evicted back to drift around in the lounge. On the bright side it had at least started to cool down due to some very welcome rain.
So there we are... the hot fantasy life of a slave. 

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