Friday, December 16, 2011


Sitting on the bus one is acutely aware of where He has been. Oddly enough it is not the nipples that are feeling His presence but one's arse. He kindly reamed it in the shower this morning before one left for work. And He was kind... he even used lube rather than the more conveniently available soap.

Not that it helped much... He leaned against the sphincter muscle until it was forced opened and then slid in up to His balls in one slick motion. He then proceeded to fuck that tight, lubed little orifice until He came with a shudder, for which one thanked him politely.

Even now sitting here this evening all one can feel is the pulsing throb of where He has been...
In fact it is as sore as buggery L


Vixen B-Ab said...

Don't you just love the little reminders that they leave us with. They help carry us through the day.


Master's piece said...

Yeah and one has also noticed how many of the reminders are painful too :(