Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From who to what

The day started with joining a friend online to watch the Dr. Who Christmas special. Yeah it probably doesn't get much geekier than that.  But it was light hearted fun as we synced up our viewing and proceeded to chat about what was going on... yeah that isn't getting any less geeky is it? Seriously though, one of the nice things about technology is that distance doesn't stop you enjoying friends from all around the world... it just takes a little creativity.

We then indulged in some Christmas leftovers... where would we be without ham and turkey... for breakfast and got on with the domestic component of the day before it got too hot and we became even less inclined than we already were. Though one is a little unsure how that would be possible... mind you a couple of extra degrees can work wonders on willpower. It is worth noting that the heat didn't stop Him aggressing one small slave as we made the bed... or from making threats to sully the clean sheets. To be honest though that last one was more a last ditch effort by Him to avoid helping change them.

Mind you He got his own back in the shower... one small slave hopped in there to escape the heat and found herself pinned to the tiles while being brutally sodomised. His version of events was a little different of course... as we all know history is written by the victors. Oh, wait a minute... not here it isn't J
OK... it was a hot and steamy day. So hot in fact that one small slave ventured into the shower to cool down with a little illicit extended water usage. Suddenly out of nowhere He appeared, pulled open the door and stood there. His manliness was rampant and he advanced, forcing one into a corner as he roughly grabbed at one's hips and pulling one back against him. Bending one over He slid into that tight little orifice and proceeded to fuck it in a rough and aggressive manner... despite the squeaks of protest that were emitting from one's lips. With a final violent thrust He came deep inside and then stood there in a menacing manner until one got out of the shower leaving it free for him.

OK there might have been a makeup orgasm for one small slave later on... right before He used one like a fleshlight again. Only that time He used a slightly different orifice.... while threatening a, by that stage, rather tender breast. After He was finished one was shooed out into the warm world to go Christmas sale shopping with his mother. Seriously if the sex didn't make one feel violated, the public sure as hell did. One sits here at the close of day traumatised one tells you... traumatised!
Oh and one couldn't find a single thing at the sales... and boy are there some seriously ugly shoes left over this season.  


Sqoodd said...

I loved this year's Dr. Who Christmas special. I was happy to see Amy and Rory in the episode.

I liked it better than last year's special even though it got lower ratings.

Yes, I looked it up yesterday. It had 8.9 million viewers in the UK.

Dr. Who has been cool since 1963.


Master's piece said...

Yeah it was good, though word is Amy is leaving ~sobs~ and that was part of the goodbye episodes :(

Vixen B-Ab said...

no marzipan???

that ain't right