Wednesday, December 26, 2012

He did a brave, brave thing

He took one small slave to the Boxing Days sales and oh... it was a seething, teaming mass of people. We arrived bright and early and had a quick breakfast before moving to the first point of call... a sports shop. He needed new exercise shorts. It seems you can only tighten a pair of shorts so many times before the inevitable happens... they fall down regardless.

Mollini Rassi Black Patent
After that we emerged to do some serious girly shopping. It was starting to get busy. In fact there was a queue to the changing rooms... which was passed chatting to a charming stranger. A quick first round of the department store netted two skirts, two dresses and a top. Oh and a pair of shoes one had been eyeing off that couldn't be justified until this week, when one got back into a fabulous little tartan skirt (it looks like a slimmed down kilt without pleats... very school girlish) that one has had tucked away... for about five years. But it is out of retirement... and the shoes were on sale J

We then made our way out of the department store and to the boutiques. By then the crowd had started to crank up in an alarming manner. Three stores later there were a total of two skirts, one a fabulous purple... not a word from the peanut gallery... and two tops. Then the fun began because in the midst of all of this girly excess... the credit card is in a foetal position, rocking gently while moaning... we had another mission.

His mother wanted a new mix master and had sent us out to find one. Of course He did... a mere snip at about $500 less discount. For that price the damn thing should make coffee as well, but then one doesn't have kitchen appliances as one doesn't bake these days, so one is a poor judge of these things. The issue was that she had very specific needs and that one did fill the bill. The only problem was that His mother is inclined to be somewhat stingy with buying herself expensive items.

We stood there debating it for a few minutes 'cos it was at the other end of the shopping centre and the path back there now looked like the outer perimeter of a mosh pit. He stepped into the slow stream of humanity for the return journey... personally one would have lied and said there wasn't one... but that is why he got to be in charge. It helps if the leader of anything has some moral integrity.

As we were ascending to the upper levels one realised why His mother had sent us. It wasn't just that she avoided all of this excitement, but because she can't bear to spend that kind of money on herself. This neatly sidestepped that issue, freeing her up to whine gently about the cost while clutching her new appliance firmly to her loving bosom.
One small slave felt so dirty and manipulated... it seems to run in the family... and used... and not in a good way... though He did fix that too, later on J

The upshot of all this gratuitous spending was interesting though...
His purple meme is taking hold in spite of one's best endeavours to resist it and the skirts are about six inches shorter than one prefers...
Dammit He's winning