Sunday, December 23, 2012

Putting your tongue in others' hands

It is no secret that while not a huge drinker one isn't adverse to a drop of Sauvignon Blanc with dinner. As a preference one does enjoy the wines from the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand. An area noted as much for its crisp fruity flavours as it is for wines that someone has taken great delight in naming odd things. For example just the other night one sampled a glass of "Squealing Pig".

Anyway we were over at our Tuesday night vanillas for a seasonal drink when gods forbid we ran out. It was only supposed to be a quick Christmas drink, but it developed into dinner and drinks... plural. So off the men scampered to acquire more supplies...
Now they are not drinkers... though our friend will have the odd several glasses as one discovered. So it was something of a concern when they returned home looking rather like a couple of school boys on a prank
Have we got wine for you they announced. You should see what these are called
Yes that's right, faced with a wide choice their selection criteria had largely been let's find the funniest name.

The first one, selected by Him because it was low GI, had the added wrinkle of being fruity and the other side of dry. In fact all it needed was a little olive oil and it would have been perfect on a salad. It was summarily rejected by all. With a lot of face pulling might one add. Fortunately He had bought a back up bottle named of all things "Lana's Bike". It was surprisingly better than the name would lead you to believe.

The other half of our vanillas choice was a Semillon by an Australian vineyard with the catchy name of Cockfighter's Ghost. Yes that's right, he chose it because it had the word cock in the title. He giggled like an adolescent as he resented it to the table. Frankly it deserved its gold medal... and to be selected by another criterion.

So yes... one wine selected for its qualities turned out to be a dud, while the other two selected by funny names turned out to be not so bad at all.
They both looked smug... if a little tipsy in one case
In fact He took time to point out that their selection criteria had been a sound one
She went back for the rejected bottle figuring enough alcohol had passed that its less than favourable aspects could be overlooked... driven to drink by all the smugness no doubt. Personally we took its reappearance as a cue to leave. It's always time to leave when they bring out the bad wine... even if one of you has been responsible for it in the first place J

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