Monday, December 31, 2012

The end of another year

The plan had been to have breakfast, do little domestic things, go to the gym, have lunch, a little sex and a snooze. It was a simple plan that was executed flawlessly right up until the snooze bit. After drifting into a deep post coital doze the eyes flew open. It was exactly 30 minutes after going to sleep. Sighs so much for that cunning plan L

Now the sleep was important because we are slated to welcome in the New Year with our vanillas. And somewhere along the line the night owl retired to become a bird of a different feather. A bird who is sound asleep by about 10 ish and is up at an ungodly hour... though not as ungodly as He manages most days. The upshot of this is rather than being moderately entertaining one suspects that one will be curled up in a corner... asleep.

In spite of this grim prediction one popped on a little black dress and some heels, loaded up a bag of booze and food and off we scampered. We were merely an hour late for our appointed destination and, as it turned out, missing a few food items that He deemed important. Oooopsie... bad slave... who did look hot in her LBD and heels.

And there would have been pics to prove this had they turned out, so you are just going to have to insert your imagination here J

So we passed the remaining hours of this year nibbling food and drinking. Well that is to say our hostess drank... a substantial amount of alcohol... to the point that we didn't get the hot food component of the evening. Personally one had a couple of Martinis, toasted in the New Year... barely... and snoozed until we came home. Whereupon one crawled out of the clothes, patted ineffectually at the remaining mascara and went to bed for a few more hours.

So to everyone...
Have a happy and prosperous New Year. May it be better than the last year and may good things happen for you all.


Fondles said...

LBDs are so awesome.

Glad you got in an enjoyable evening, and happy new year to you both!!

Master's piece said...

And LBD's totally make up for forgetting His food nods
Happy New Year to you two as well :D