Thursday, December 13, 2012

Late in the evening

Lying on the bed, limbs akimbo, one contemplated getting up. Well it was more that one was trying to will oneself to get up... teeth needed to be cleaned and moisturiser needed to be applied. Just as one was summoning the strength to move He walked in. Or rather his hard on walked in and He followed.

Spying one in that compromising position He pounced, pinning one to the bed with legs over his shoulders. His hard on forced its way into an unprepared cunt... in spite of its attempts to repel the invader. Ignoring the squeals of protest He drove in, pounding the cervix repeatedly and stopping the feeble attempts one was making to get away from the source of pain.
He drove on relentlessly until he came... pulsing and thrusting into resistant flesh

Leaving one with no excuse not to get up
Honestly the man's motivational speeches leave something to be desired L

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ancilla_ksst said...

Oh, the sexy fun times!