Friday, December 7, 2012

Separation anxiety

We have spent the last week without any form of communication. Actually one has spent the last week electronically blind... it was beyond frustrating. See one was dropped off at the home of a friend of the second step mothers for the week. There were no Google maps so one knew where the hell one was, there was no way to hop on the net to book an evac out of the damn town to get home and there was no way to work out where anything was in relationship to anything else.

It was all very disconcerting and disorientating and stressful. And it was put on the list of things to never do again... next time will be a controlled exit with electronics. In fact one intends to drip useful technology next time and proudly accept geek status. Mind you all of that stress paled into insignificance compared to being unable to contact Him.

We do everything and go everywhere together. There hasn't been a day where we haven't spoken or communicated in some way. It has been that way for the last 15 years. This felt like losing a limb... actually no electronics felt like losing a limb... that was far worse.

People on the net often waffle on about limb chopping and ketteh amputations... well one thinks that is what they are on about... after the first few years you stop listening. But one is here to say that there are far worse things that can happen than limb chopping... like the removal of that ever present control, direction and physical presence. The absence of Him is far worse L


lil said...

I have to agree--worst feeling everrrrr.

But your back!

c said...

Separation is the worst. It's when Mistress is away I realise how lost I found myself without her. Even with phone and internet. Without it? Brrrr... I'm thinking you're right to never do it again!

Fondles said...

does this mean you're back? or is today's post a temporary reprieve from the tragedy that is not having internet?

I hate being unconnected too. I feel as if a part of me is missing.