Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rude awakenings

By late mid-afternoon all one could do was think about was crawling onto the newly made bed and staying there. There are days like that sometimes. The energy levels just run onto empty and considering the weekly output it is no surprise... just inconvenient. Anyway giving into those dark desires one shuffled off to bed for a quick nap. He promised to wake one in an hour and a half and with that he settled in to watch gaming geek stuff on the large TV rather than the computer.

Hitting a very deep sleep almost immediately one was still there when the bed sheet was pulled down and small kisses worked their way down one's neck. Sighing happily one rolled over onto the back...
Rookie mistake!
The sheet was ripped off and He aimed for one's genitals as his hand aimed for an exposed nipple.
Declaring that one was awake just seemed to add fuel to the fire, leaving one to struggle against the onslaught.

The whole process left one well and truly awake... and somewhat hostile.
Can't believe you like being woken up with blow jobs. Being woken up like that is like being assaulted.
Yeah, but I get to cum He replied smugly, as he sauntered out the door

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ancilla_ksst said...

Bastard! LOL

I have never been woken up quite that way!