Saturday, December 21, 2013

Timing is everything

He rolled open the heavy glass door and stood there on the step, blinking a little as his eyes adjusted to the light...
Guess what?
There was some more blinking that one gleefully interrupted to announce; one of us has five days off
The blinking stopped as the eyes narrowed in annoyance

How did that happen He asked, in a tone that wasn't the least bit happy.
Don't know, don't care, but one of us isn't working the Christmas.
It's the first Christmas off in five (?) years. Now don't get one wrong. As many of you realise one is something of a seasonal Grinch, but time off on the company's dime is not, repeat not, to be sneered at. Particularly when that afore mentioned time so neatly and conveniently tacks onto the normal three day weekend.

The glare became more of a scowl before an unholy light started to shine out of them. The lip quirked up to form a rather unpleasant line...
Well that should give us some time to get back to that anal training. By the end there you should be back in that big plug. And I guess it will be an opportunity to have all sorts of little services performed.
His scowl had transformed into a very happy smile.

Sighs maybe one should have waited to tell Him the good news... you know... like on the day

Holidays suck!

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