Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Anchors away

Closing the door and locking it firmly against the rest of our life we dove into the basket of promise...
What was pulled out was an anchor butt plug; essentially a metal ball that floats along a curved bar. We have a couple of these, but this is the small single ball kind.

The implement:
  • A ball measuring approx. 1" (2.5 cm) wide or 5" (12.5 cm) in circumference
  •  Set atop a rod about 2 3/4" (6 cm) long
  • A curved bar about 4" (10 cm) in length with a small ball on each end to stop it falling off
  • One ball on the bar unscrews to allow the pieces to be cleaned
  • In the more expensive versions the large ball can also be unscrewed for better cleaning

The pros:
  • It's surprisingly comfortable to wear
  • Could be used by any level of experience
  • Made from easy to clean and sterilise stainless steel

The cons:
  • If you listen very carefully it clanks when you walk

Over all though that slight clank is overcome by the high level of comfort and it is a good addition to any toy box... it might even be fun to wear out... somewhere noisy J
If you are going to use in once a while then you can probably get away with the less expensive version, but if you are planning on using this a lot spend the extra money and get the kind that can be completely dismantled.  


Fondles said...

wow, thanks. i've never seen something like this. *where have i been huh?*

I'll go check it out.

anders-sary said...
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anders-sary said...

Where can it be bought? Link please ...

Master's piece said...

You can find one of these, well the good ones at any rate, at JT's Stockroom. There will be a link to them on Deviant Outlets in the tabs at the top of the blog. They are excellent to deal with and post pretty much anywhere in the world :)

anders-sary said...

Found it, thank you!