Monday, December 30, 2013

Seasonal blahs

The downside of the Christmas season, apart from the people, the drunks (mostly local), the sluggish postal system that turns everything into chaos... again people related thinking about it... you can tell one small slave is waiting on some very cool shoes... are the fires. At this time of the year they are bad... again probably people related as the fires often seem to coincide with school holidays. They are made worse by the heat, which is anything up to 40 (104) degrees at the moment and the wind. Wind that, may one add, just seems to drive the smoke into your home. You wake up with sore eyes and throats and as grumpy as all out doors. Well more so than one might be before coffee normally.

So if you will excuse one small grumpy blogger she is going to slope off to make consolation ice-cream. Perhaps a nice vanilla bean would go with a side order of whine?

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