Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas is coming... again

At any rate one sincerely hopes that it is 'cos otherwise our locals, who can be colourful at the best of times, are just getting downright strange...
A tiny little woman got on the bus this morning; nut brown in colour, seamed and creased like leather and with enough old school tattoos to catch your eye. Considering that it is rare in this part of the world for older women to have ink, one couldn't help but wonder how colourful her past might have been, but that was not what arrested one's attention. No, it was the fact that she looked remarkably like one always rather imagined a gnome would look... if such a creature existed.
An image not helped by the twinkling black eyes peering out from beneath her rather jaunty Santa hat.


Fondles said...

oh cool. you didn't manage a secret snapshot did yoU?

Master's piece said...

The fingers positively itched to reach for the phone truth to be told :D