Sunday, December 1, 2013

On the face of it

Today was a perfect lazy Sunday. That is to say we scampered around after His parents. The excitement of that was interspersed with loads of laundry and folding and assorted meals. Well He was more of a spectator to those last three truth be told, but then so would anyone in their right mind. Other than that there was a nap where the whole household returned to their nesting places and conked out.
We also lost three hours to test playing a board game... that counts as relaxing so one is told.
Oh and there was some mutually beneficial sex followed by an early night.

See this is the heady excitement of a BDSM life. People always have this idea of high protocol and snapping whips 24/7, but the reality is large chunks of normalcy... far more than we would prefer at the moment to be honest.  The difference is that the board games are not voluntary for one of us... no prizes for guessing which one... and the sex involved being ordered to bed early to perform for His sexual needs.

Most of what we do seems perfectly normal on the surface. It's when you scratch around that you see where the twoo power lays...
Whispers in the wrong hands 'cos otherwise there would be no laundry or games or parents... hmmm... maybe we can work on that last one together J


ancilla_ksst said...

Involuntary board games? That Bas-----!

My Master wants to know what you are playing.

He's making soup for us :). Lucky me!

Master's piece said...

It was called Police Precinct. You get to be cops trying to put out the gangs and assorted emergencies while trying to solve a murder. It wasn't too bad... for a game.

Neale Wolfson said...

I was about to ask about what game it was. And well isn't life a game?

The two of us down here have been getting into a little Series called Table-Top on the youtube channel Geek and Sundry where they have showing off games, in case your master hasn't heard of it.

Fondles said...

there's way MORE normal than kink over here...